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In mid and late 2018 cotton peatlands listing will depress prices - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
In the past week, January 29 - On February 4) , affected by the heavy selling of speculative money, ICE futures prices fell sharply, although have two weeks to rebound in recent months return to 80 cents, but in the end is still falling from the previous week 3. 18 cents, fell by 4%. According to the U. S. department of agriculture, according to a new report by the week, on January 25, American cotton export sales rebound, export contract amount more than 300000 packages. On the one hand, cotton supply shortage is influenced by the international market, on the other hand the demand of Bangladesh and Vietnam continues to rise, spinning is totally dependent on cotton import raw materials. According to the ICAC prediction, although this year's cotton output lower than expected, but compared with the previous year still have larger growth, increase of about 11%. Due to the global cotton production will increase a lot this year, and south Asian countries cotton ginning mill hoarding cotton will be released, so expect this year's international cotton prices will continue to fall to a lower level, cotton prices will cut by the downward spiral of negative influence. It is reported that recently affected by Pakistan cotton surge in imports, Pakistan's domestic cotton prices pressure drop. This year the country's cotton supply tensions ease hard, because this year is expected to domestic cotton prices will increase in the middle, so the current mood rised Pakistan cotton ginning mill.
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