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In April the eu increase the long-term downward trend remains the same - clothing imports Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
In April, the European clothing import amount to restore growth, but the long-term downward trend has not changed. The euro fell further suppress the import demand, import price rise in euro terms, in dollar terms. That month, the European Union in Bangladesh clothing imports almost no growth. In April, the falling exchange rate, Britain is about to take off the euro and other political and economic situation of drag, clothing imports continued downturn in the European Union. In terms of quantity, the eu clothing imports rose 1 of April. 8%. Earlier, February and march of imports from less 5 respectively. 9% and 2%. In April, the outside of the eu clothing imports grew in euro terms of 9. 1%, but stagnated in dollars. At the same time, the European Union for 12 consecutive months of clothing imports fell for the first time in three years, again clearly shows that the European Union the fact that a long period of decline in clothing imports. In April, the European Union clothing imports the unit price in euro terms rose 7. 2%, falling by 2% in dollar terms. From the long-term trend in dollar terms unit price decline, while the unit price in euro terms. Bangladesh workers salary increase for the first time in five years, so no benefit from China's exports to reduce, the eu clothing imports grew 1% year-on-year in Bangladesh. This year 1 - In April, the European Union for Bangladesh's garment imports year-on-year growth only 3. 1%, in the same period last year growth of 16. 5%. In euro terms, unit price rose more than 10% of Bangladesh's garment, in dollar terms, Bangladesh's garment price there is no obvious change.
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