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Import yarn to the port to decrease domestic yarn struggling to survive - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Recently, Qingdao traders, with the increase of port shipments, inventory reduction, port stocks began to rapidly reduce, some tight varieties, such as 32 s ring spun in short supply, the early shipment faster siro spinning because of falling demand, shipment instead of slowly. Shanghai still has some stocks, but the quantity is less than a previous to the port. Is increased, but traders still have profit, give priority to in order to walk quantity. Some traders said, combing 32 s losses of up to 3000 yuan per ton, it will lose 5-1 container 60000. He thinks the downstream demand, many enterprises is expected to take off early this year, some colleagues have no longer to do import yarn trade, to consider domestic yarn, yarn, especially xinjiang government can support larger and imported yarn. Also difficult actually domestic yarn companies, have said they slip into the November sales situation, further deterioration of the month, average daily sales down 80% compared with October, December estimates are likely to decline, businesses around some sales to zero. Think it is a demand problem, due to the textile industry to transfer abroad, domestic FangQi orders, decreased the demand for raw materials. Not do big, peripheral enterprises pursue money safe, be sure to talk about good payment before order. Second, money problems, constantly back bank loans, enterprise financial strain, in addition some FangQi participate in guarantee also affect its capital turnover, difficulties caused by enterprises, but also a lot of enterprises are also expected early holiday. Overall, the industry situation is grim.
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