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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
On November 5, 2015, held the standing council and cotton cotton in hebei province association situation analysis, vice-chairman and managing director, each ChanMian cotton association, dichroa, new cable, macro embellish textile enterprises attended the meeting. Cotton in the information center of shijiazhuang office, provincial development and reform commission (NDRC), industrial and commercial bureau, the bank and other departments and units to be invited to attend the meeting. The more than 30 people, meeting presided over by the standing vice-chairman Yang Shanxing. A, production prices fall, buy slow progress according to the provincial cotton association, municipal association of cotton for cotton area, production of household surveys. , according to data gathered in 2015, the province's cotton planting area of 4. 9 million mu, 1. 26 million acres of less than last year, fell 20%; Yield in 400 - generally 450 jins, 100 jins lower than last year; A total capacity of 350000 tons, lower than last year, 80000 tons, a drop of 19%. In addition to lint rate - 39 40% is slightly better than last year, other quality indicators are lower than last year, the mainest is incompatible micronaire high spinnability is low; Length is given priority to with 28 mm and above, short than last year. Is the main cause of quality deterioration in cotton growing prophase drought less rain, fell before the peach is little, it rains a lot in late again, can fall off, the plants' growing. Parts of the province's cotton picking has completed 90%, has been basically ended, but farmers psychological serious rised, sell enthusiasm is not high, the slow progress, overall sell at around 30%. Gap is larger, at the same time around the schedule KuaiZhe Tang Shanzai around 60%, ManZhe as hengshui less than 15%, 3 - seed cotton purchase prices 3. 3 1 yuan/kg, lower than the same period last year. 4 - 3. Level 5 yuan/jin, is far lower than the cotton farmers psychological expectations. For the current seed cotton purchase price is not satisfied with this year's sell the root cause of the slow progress. Second, the cotton price upside down, type 400 enterprise survival difficult at the current seed cotton purchase prices, cotton seed sale price 1. 09 yuan/jin, 400 enterprises processing white cotton level 3 in cost price 12900 yuan/ton, and at present zhengzhou futures price is in 12180 yuan/ton, down nearly 700 yuan. The current province 400 enterprises operating at less than 40%, most of the enterprise did not start or stop halfway. Construction enterprises on the one hand, strict processing costs, on the one hand, fast, fast processing and fast sales, once the purchase price, the quality of seed cotton, time control is bad, will be a loss. Processing cotton became touched the business. Three trough, textile situation, foreground is not optimistic, textile enterprise delegates to the conference said the grim situation of textile exports, an order is small, the second is small lines, 3 it is pressed for time, purchasing parties is to try to avoid the drop in prices could bring losses. Higher domestic labor costs, raw material cost is high, is the main reason for decline in our country textile international competition. Although this year because of domestic cotton prices, cotton prices inside and outside differential shrinking, but the textile industry to the artificial, low cost of raw materials such as southeast Asia countries transfer trend will not change, the domestic textile enterprises will not improve survival environment, textile enterprises will further differentiation, there is no technical support most of the small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated. Fourth, the burden for the enterprise, maintain the cotton quality inspection system reform achievements on behalf of the said enterprises, currently 400 processing enterprises of all the difficulties, one is the cotton market is sluggish, starts with no profit, even lost, 2 it is to maintain cost is high, large industrial electric transformer to a nearby 100000 yuan only. Type 400 factory is respond to a nation called for technological transformation, enterprises have invested a huge sum of money, to establish the standard of bales of cotton, which plays an important role in line with international standards. As the production of cotton on the mainland area of falling, some 400 enterprises production is inevitable. Countries should be policies, to halt production enterprises in such aspects as equipment processing, land tax to support; To continue to engage in cotton processing enterprises, should give policy support on electricity, on the various fees to give relief, maintain a reasonable scale of cotton processing, prevent farmers sell cotton. Everyone thinks, cotton quality management system reform after nearly a decade of efforts, in particular, the implementation of the state for purchasing policy make quality inspection system reform get huge progress, but with the cotton production target price management, type 400 processing enterprises lost the policy support, combined with the market downturn, the price is down, the advantage gradually lost, back 200 enterprises have been given. How to maintain the quality management system reform achievements, the state should study policies as soon as possible. Five, explicit subsidy policy, encouraging farmers to cotton in view of the common concerns of cotton subsidies, the provincial development and reform commission deputy director of the economic and trade office Li Lingkong said that mainland quota subsidies will continue this year, still in hebei province according to 60% of the subsidies in xinjiang ( No more than 2000 yuan/mu) To issue; The principle of subsidies, incentives to truly to growers hands; In the meantime, subsidies to cotton planting large tilt, planting large can declare to the local government directly. Li Lingkong also said that the country has to track down total cotton processing production line to the province, hebei province decided to maintain the existing type 400 processing enterprises number unchanged, 200 enterprises are no longer distributed processing permits. Li Lingkong reminded delegates, under the macro environment of economic downward pressure is bigger, all walks of life in a more difficult time, must pay close attention to market, especially focus on cotton storage, do a good job in risk control, cotton, textile enterprises should support each other, through the difficult times together.
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