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Import yarn order port volume rebounded - recovery is expected next month Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
At the end of last year, due to the phases of a trade war with China getting better, it is generally more bullish years & other Yue four & throughout; Market, imported cotton traders, some traders bet on the net, the results because met & other; The new crown outbreak & throughout; Inside and outside of the black swan, yarn prices tumbled, traders also encounter anaemia, average loss of 2500 yuan per ton yarn, some traders default appear at the same time. For imports of cotton yarn, traders in April 2, 3, to push the sale, to the end of April, import the high price of cotton yarn inventory has been basically put years ago. At present the national port of cotton yarn inventory can't more than 150000 tons, in the middle rdi level. Inventories are mainly concentrated in southern China, guangdong is high. Look from breed, 21 and under low a gauze, including air spinning with siro spinning to account for 60% of imports, 32 (20%), the rest are other varieties. Spot shipments are not ideal, relatively speaking, it is knitted 32, 21 of good shipment. This period of time, and the yarn outside dish price down has been overcast, drop a lot, 21 of Indian yarn can offer some varieties to 1. $85 / kg, amount to 16500 yuan/ton, 500 - lower than the spot 1000 yuan/ton, so some traders purchase resumed, expected a lot to the port, in the middle of June number around 100000 tons. Overall, recently a trader loss is bigger, although still dare not too optimistic about future, but have been adjusted, attitude of the most import yarn manufacturers is where to fall where to climb up the idea of time in the right time to order, they think the market although there will be ups and downs, but in the long term, continue to do, always can get the average profit of the industry. Also some traders to purchase domestic yarn, yarn prices today are low, but because they don't have import yarn financing function, most traders are only supplement configuration.
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