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How about production process for space dyed yarn ?
The production process refers to the process of converting raw materials into finished products. During the process of space dyed yarn , different types of machines and tools are used. Based on the order quantity and product quality requirements, a certain number of production lines and professional employees including designers, R&D technicians, and skilled workers should all be ready to ensure every step goes smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, considering the cost change and quality control, the whole production process should be well conducted in strict accordance with the international standard.

Huizhou Chengyi Textile Co., Ltd. is a quality supplier of mohair yarn products in China. The dot yarn series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. All pictures of mohair yarn all under the natural light the real object take, did not do any technique processing. The garments made from this product are biodegradable. The product performance is reliable and its service life is relatively long. Its anti-static property keeps it much cleaner for long.

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