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'Golden nine silver ten' 'copper nine iron ten' yarn market - when it meets cold Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
Has now entered in late October, 'Kim nine silver ten' has become completely, even some said jokingly 'ten' nine iron copper and overall trading atmosphere is large than in previous years. After October, pure cotton prices continue to go light, cotton prices have tumbled, as of October 18, domestic C32S average closed at 24050 yuan/ton, than the same period last month fell 253 yuan/ton. Yarn from 'Ming steady dark down' to 'fall' in the Ming dynasty. Recent pure cotton yarn market gradually walk light, cotton yarn inventory levels rising, from the picture above you can see, in the middle of September cotton yarn inventory started to rise, 0 earlier than normal. 5 - Time of a month, now after more than a month, the accumulation of inventory is higher than the same period. Exaggerated and downstream fabric market, nearly 30 days of inventory of record in the past two years. According to the guangdong foshan and other places cloth and a large number of inventory of unsold, thus is also cautious for sourcing cotton. At present, although the surface of the yarn market price is relatively stable, but the actual transaction, FangQi anxious to shipment, reduce inventory basic space have cut prices to negotiate. The early stage of the late many FangQi reflected orders continue to decrease, basic sell orders, appear on the order or not. 9 - In October, for pure cotton yarn market weak, pure cotton yarn prices fell. However, although there are varying degrees of decline, cotton prices much but drop drop less than cotton. Investigate its reason, mainly has the following points: one is the domestic market in the short term, there is no shortage of cotton mills is not 'had the next meal'. Cotton association, will be according to the statistics, by the national cotton business inventories at the end of September 166. In late August of 60000 tons, plus began arriving 2018/19 annual listing of the crop '20', so the cotton circulation resource is very abundant; 2 it is a trade war with China to crack down on not only is spinning clothing business confidence, for the high quality fabric, the influence of fabrics and clothing export, or larger. Us to spinning clothing import tariffs like hanging on spinning clothing enterprises, trade companies of 'a sword', could fall and hurt; Third, the cotton price volatility, FangQi 'buy or not to buy up' mentality. Plus although the central bank has repeatedly send a commercial Banks' reserve requirements, continuously release liquidity, but for the textile and garment sunset industry, credit support continued tightening, still perform 'also before even not credit first', so 'money shortage' is still spinning clothing enterprise cannot avoid the reality; Four cotton textile enterprises is about 2018/19 the crop prices, digestive ability is limited, under short-term facing the risk of production and marketing 'upside down'. So now FangQi were reluctant to market purchase the crop, cotton continued to fall. According to our calculations, the C32S spinning still have many profit space, but if the cotton yarn sales continued to be weak, FangQi inventory levels rising, cotton prices continue to fall, coupled with estimates of pure cotton yarn was likely to continue to increase. Import yarn, at 25, FCY Index C32S fold the renminbi spot price closed at 23978 yuan/ton, down 257 yuan/ton, compared with the same period last month fell slightly larger than in the yarn. In October, the China market to import yarn inventories remain high, slack season, delivered slower, but print the yarn price is relatively high. From the point of export shipment to India, China accounted for 28 from last month. 85% to 33. 74%), Bangladesh (20 than from last month. 66% was lowered to 18. Accounts for 96%, second, China, Bangladesh, more than half of India's total exports shipped quantity, other countries accounted for relatively small; From the national average price, average price in China is still the lowest, the average price of Bangladesh is relatively high. In addition, September Pakistan yarn, cloth exports declined, especially cotton yarn exports is bigger, show that Pakistani mills facing bigger pressure. Pakistan imports of cotton growth this year, export cotton rapid growth pattern has not changed, but has been affected by a certain, because may eventually dates back to a trade war and the federal reserve to raise interest rates. Futures, if previously mentioned, since mid-september main cotton futures prices have fallen more than 2000 yuan/ton, affected by the 'buy or not to buy up' mood, cotton futures trading volume also fell again, since the National Day the basic daily maintain hand less than in 3000. At the same time, the phenomenon of yarn with flower dance still maintain, only this time difference maintained at about 9000 yuan/ton.
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