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Expanding import yarn price drop a coppi yarn - Vietnam Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
According to customs statistics, in 2019, China's imports of cotton yarn 15 July. 030000 tons, fell 4. 14%, year-on-year decline in 26. 58%; 1 - July imports cotton yarn 118 in our country. 280000 tons, year-on-year decline in 3. 61%. It is important to note that in April 2019, China's imports of cotton yarn 19. 200000 tons, the year-on-year increase in 22. 09%; 1 - In April, China's total imports cotton yarn, 66. 800000 tons, the year-on-year increase in 8. 22%. It can be seen that 5 - In July China's cotton imports & other; The diving & throughout; , and fell more and more big, from & other; The same throughout the &; To & other; 3 m springboard & throughout; To & other; Ten meters plate & throughout; ( 5 - July year-on-year declines respectively 0. 79%, 19. 90%, 26. 58%) And the situation is in jeopardy. From Qingdao, zhangjiagang, ningbo, guangzhou and other places of cotton trade feedback, cotton inquiry in August shipment, almost no improvement, bonded, customs clearance cotton yarn inventory into greater than, ship small good turn around the small and medium-sized enterprises to jilt goods phenomenon of self-help, every day in the big trade in large inventory, high cost of imports, want to run through their way, and retreat will be hard. From the point of data released, cotton imports in July of the top three countries ( Region) Respectively, Vietnam, India, uzbekistan, imports of 8. 060000 tons, 1. 530000 tons, 1. 310000 tons ( 1 - July, Vietnam, India, uzbekistan import cotton yarn of 48 respectively. 890000 tons, 22. 920000 tons, 9. 930000 tons, accounting for more than 41. 43%, 19. 42%, 8. 42%) 。 On the one hand, despite a free-trade agreement between China and Pakistan in the second stage protocol blessing ( The yarn import zero tariff) , but Pakistan exports to China are still left behind, out of the top three, replaced by uzbekistan; On the other hand - 6 Vietnamese yarn imports more and more strong, in July to India, uzbekistan, Pakistan yarn off a few blocks, such as southeast Asia, central Asia yarn mills can only see Vietnam sped away. For more than a week, bonded port, customs commissioner of yarn delivery on C16S - C32S high airflow yarn denim yarn knitting yarn and perfection; The compact spinning, JC21, JC32, JC40 yarn and C8S - C16S siro-spun Pakistan for light trading, short atmosphere. Jiangsu, henan and other places the problem, the dealer said that since late August, mills, exporters and domestic traders in Pakistan to deal with the backlog, default, repurchase order is given priority to, the new pick up & other; Futures yarn & throughout; The enthusiasm is not high; But India's domestic cotton prices keep stabilization ( Spot price movements and with ICE, international cotton & other; Throughout different &; ) , domestic mills, FOB and CNF price falling, in cotton mill profits fall endlessly appear even partial losses; Combined with the federal reserve to cut interest rates, depreciation and other negative factors, Indian cotton yarn exports & other; There is no the worst only worse & throughout; ; China's cotton market into Vietnam yarn, uzbekistan, Central Asia yarn) Performance & other; Throughout stage &; 。
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