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by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
End of the Spring Festival has been nearly a month, as epidemic situation under control, each big businesses are gradually to return to work. As of March 5th, the domestic C32S average closed at 20648 yuan/ton, compared with last week, rose 140 yuan/ton. Cotton yarn, however, trading was whether to go all the way to high, the author is skeptical that the reasons are as follows: one, although the higher percentage return to work, but it still not open chances in nearly three years. Current FangQi better overall resume work situation, according to cotton information network survey, companies surveyed reopened rate was 79. There is another 07%, 20. 93% of companies plan to mid to late march to return to work. But can be seen from the above, early march FangQi starts to load only at about 45%, but this time in more than 60%. Recent pure cotton yarn market trading atmosphere is good, the main reason lies in the downstream weaving factory just need to make library. But at the beginning of the resume work, FangQi capacity is very low, basic on inventory goods, the market supply lag. Downstream, on the other hand, grey market is facing & other; Indian summer & throughout; , in short supply, provides the soil for the yarn increases. But the rise as capacity, price has lost momentum. Second, the logistics of production logistics recovery weak in life. Region of hubei province in February 19 existing confirmed case of a turning point, but rather than hubei area as early as February 14, in the existing confirmed case of a turning point. Also the region of hubei province as early as 2 months early started to return to work and production, and hubei region but not earlier than March 10, to return to work. The regional characteristics of epidemic also makes the cotton textile industry chain market features more obvious difference to return to work and production. However, defense under the State Council held a press conference, spreading mechanism in 6 high GaoJieShao, deputy secretary-general of the National Development and Reform Commission, at present, logistics supplies for faster recovery, rate of return to work and reaches producing rate is quite high. Relatively wide surface, large volume of production logistics, involves the different industries, different upstream and downstream coordination linkage, so recovery is weak in sexual life of productive logistics logistics of recovery. The increase of cargo transportation costs and handling costs caused spinning costs rise further. Three, the downstream orders slow recovery, yarn material requirement. In march, the FangQi feedback is one of the biggest problems of new orders for special little, also received some odds and ends, barely a consortium small factory don't remember. The spread of the global outbreak, regular consumption by great impact. Foreign old single break, cancel the rising day by day, new single quantity few, a lot of production plan was forced to cancel. , throughout the country although the outbreak has been basically under control, but must still be on high alert imported cases abroad, have never so little, he must pay attention to local outbreak might have. And most of the community, the countryside still has very strict controls. This makes the downstream clothing factory production capacity can't keep up. Plus the downstream consumer recession, makes the fabric, printing and dyeing enterprises such as cautious, slow recovery capacity. Import yarn, international cotton prices weak in domestic yarn. As of March 5th, FCY IndexC32S fold the renminbi spot price closed at 20469 yuan/ton, down from last week 28 yuan/ton. 2 - import yarn In march the arrival of the goods quantity is normal, but under the demand, port stocks are now 2 times more than 2 year inventory in advance. If prices continue to fall, the import yarn afternoon may have an advantage, may still have a place in the Chinese market. But in foreign countries, because of the outbreak has spread to Japan and South Korea, Europe, and the possibility of further proliferation, the international market for the concerns of the outbreak has been increasingly serious, from the foreign stock markets this week, a sharp fall in the goods, you can see that the market fears outbreak from on macroscopic influence the normal operation of the global economy. Specific to the international cotton yarn, first of all, in the short term, China's demand will continue to Vietnam, Pakistan, India and other places of the mill. Second, there have been a serious epidemic, Han Benshen is the important importer of textile clothing, many Vietnamese companies, says the outbreak has affected the export trade of Vietnam mills South Korea orders. In addition, Europe and the United States is the world's major textile consumption, the spread is bound to affect the terminal consumer. Now, due to the international market is generally pessimistic expectations of epidemic diseases, printing, the more confidence in the mills, Pakistan and other countries has received a blow on the pessimistic could accelerate a drop in prices. Overall, yarn, to how to get to the next, or to the downstream recovery situation. Home, although the government has introduced a lot of active measures to encourage enterprises to return to work. Parts of jiangsu to electricity minus 5%, for example, social security, tax relief measures, such as parts of hebei, sichuan charter transportation workers subsidies to businesses, to help small and medium-sized enterprises through. But foreign epidemic may have only just begun. Only when the global outbreak under control, countries have issued after rescue the city policy to stimulate the economy, yarn city will appear obvious turning point. Looking forward to the day coming soon.
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