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Cotton yarn sales suddenly turned for the better cotton prices could usher in a rally? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Zheng cotton fluctuated recently, range-bound trend has not changed. Downstream production sales better, but as the industry of cotton prices will usher in a rally or full of doubt. Recently in henan textile enterprises is joy bloom, according to relevant personage feedback enterprise, since the recent three or four days, the company sales puzzling, even can be said to be the bustling, had just finished the production of cotton yarn was taken away by customers, product inventory is zero. According to Chinese cotton net reporter understanding, first including after a period of time, FangQi production pressure, cotton yarn sales, inventory turnover period is generally in 1 months or more, tie up funds. The upstream prices is not best not fire, continued turmoil in the bottom. When companies feel confused, the recent cotton yarn sales, suddenly a vehicle pass in and out every day to pull goods, especially at the comb - 32 34 s and combing - 40 60 s very popular. Recently, in order to meet the requirements of the downstream enterprises, the enterprise is also in a single production. As to why this happens, some enterprises, said sales suddenly, oneself also don't know the reason, anyway be delivered soon. Also have said, first pick a lot of orders, are in order before, now is not a lot of new orders. Due to the trade friction problem of China and the United States, the United States had planned to increase tariffs on March 1, the results with the new progress in both sides negotiate, the off duty time, downstream. ltd to order goods, so the cotton yarn popular recently. Of course for the purchase of spot, enterprises have said don't try so hard, the buy along with it, now raw material inventory to maintain in a month or so. So under the FangQi such mentality, cotton prices to rise still has the certain difficulty.
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