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Cotton yarn market accelerate cotton enterprises try water cotton - 'fall' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
As India and Pakistan cotton yarn exports 'stuttering', to capture the global market, the export of Chinese cotton shrinking, the decline of the China cotton textile export competitiveness seems to have reached the point where they cannot contain. In July China's cotton yarn exports only about three. 110000 tons, reduce compared to 11. 27%, exports accounted for 52 of the Pakistan, India exports. 1%, 26. 6%, and India and Pakistan yarn in sharp contrast to a large number of export, export cotton yarn in Pakistan in July 5. 970000 tons, the year-on-year increase in 8. 34%, year-on-year increase of 18. 45%, July 11 Indian export cotton yarn. 680000 tons ( Cotton content in more than 85%) , an increase of 35. 3%, 59% of exports to China ( In the same period last year 37%) 7, in August 2014 to 2015 month accumulative total export cotton yarn India. '131. 610000 tons, 63 of them. 770000 tons of exports to China, 48 of the Indian cotton yarn exports. 5%, China's support of India's cotton yarn exports 'half', which shows that Chinese traders,. ltd, increasing dependence on Indian yarn fabric, garment factory. From guangzhou, Qingdao, zhangjiagang, ningbo, Shanghai and other ports in the survey, mid to late September bonded of India and Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and central Asia ( Uzbekistan, turkmenistan, azerbaijan, etc. ) Of cotton yarn, Turkey, the United States and other regions still offers a modest growth in the number, especially for OE yarn, 10 s - C32S yarn, 40 s and above, to arrive at the port of combed yarn, bonded high count quantity without further growth, at the end of September bonded cotton yarn number is expected to break through 9. 50000 tons. On September 18, on the one hand, since the ICE to the main contract has dropped below 63 cents/pound, 61 cents/pound, 60 cents/pound, American cotton, cotton in India and west Africa cotton and Brazil cotton spot and far month shipment offer whole fell sharply, EMOT SM - 1 Fell to 71-1/8 72 cents/pound, southeast Asia offer a tailspin, cotton yarn 21 s, 26, 32 s adjustment range is generally in the 500 - s yarn 600 yuan/ton; On the other hand longer-term the expected appreciation of the yuan to rise, the fed to raise interest rates in September plan after abortion, the debate about the renminbi could continue to depreciate more, India and Pakistan, Vietnam and other countries currency stable in nearly a year, cotton yarn, grey cloth, such as 'follow' on China's export growth. Is worth attention recently some cotton operating companies, large cotton trade outside the cotton price increase in succession on the basis of the India and Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other origin C21S, C32S, C21/2, C32/2 cotton varieties such as quotation, cotton enterprises downstream cotton yarn, grey cloth, and even clothing extension is inevitable, is also a trading company trying to expand trade between single species management risk, avoid the inevitable. In early October to the shape of the yarn, port traders is generally believed that underlie stabilization of difficulty is bigger, on the one hand is ICE short-term gain 60 cents/pounds of pressure big, main along or in October to 57 cents per pound annual low; On the other hand, China cotton, cotton yarn, grey cloth, weak demand and concerns over China's economic mood is very heavy, except a few enterprises single-phase high count on smooth, most small and medium-sized mills,. ltd came 'dilemma' situation, plus imports of cotton yarn is still such as flood, short-term focus on C21S, C32S india-pakistan yarn can be in 16500 yuan/ton, 18500 yuan/ton dip near the end.
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