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Cotton yarn inventory burden to reduce FangQi capacity - step by step Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
National cotton market monitoring system for monitoring station news, according to the different scale textile enterprises in anhui province based on investigation, has taken a new turn for the worse since mid-october textile, textile yarn to accelerate inventory, production capacity is gradually restored. Anqing a small textile mill for half a year to have such a profound experience: sino-us trade in May after upgrading, lint, cotton yarn prices dropped sharply, cotton yarn sales, inventory increase gradually, enterprise loss is aggravating, business confidence. In July, in response to high temperatures and textile downturn, this factory take the limit production measures, change shifts for class 2, class 3 capacity by a third. In spite of this, cotton yarn inventory is still increasing, the peak production reached more than two month. Arrived in early October, affected by the sino-us trade talks make substantive results, cotton yarn sales market better, timely grasp the opportunity, the factory can't add to inventory. Cotton yarn inventory level is less than 20 days, now back to normal before inventory levels, although not yet profitable, but the enterprise burden significantly reduce heavy pressure. See better afternoon is expected to, recently the factory will produce change shifts, class 2 and class 3, back to the previous production capacity. In anhui, such production, limit production measures to cope with the management difficulties of small and medium-sized textile enterprises have many. Things are better now, business confidence is slowly increased, many production capacity of enterprises are gradually recovering. Textile enterprises generally hope that sino-us trade negotiations in the end, have a good result, for the enterprise survival and development to create a good external environment.
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