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by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
Due to the momentum of the spread abroad, domestic import and export trade is almost stagnant. Textile enterprise order cuts, have to continue to adopt measures to cut, cotton yarn inventory control. Cotton material. Recently, cotton spot transaction is relatively flat, fewer new deity, from single individual happen. XinJiangMian procurement are cancelled point near the CF2005 contract 10500 yuan/ton, CF2009 contracts in 11000 yuan/ton, near the individual just need deity in 11500 yuan/ton. Recently, the market price point basis price is relatively stable, on April 26, hand picking cotton in xinjiang basis bid in 600-3129 level 700 yuan/ton ( CF2005 contracts) Little change, compared to the week before. At present, the xinjiang cotton planting completed more than 90%, but were uneven progress, northern xinjiang shihezi area most of cotton seedlings have burst through the membrane, southern xinjiang region planting is because of the heavy rain, hail weather, is an adverse effect on cotton seedling growth. The Yellow River basin of cotton planting progress is relatively slow, is expected to finish cotton seeding work in early may. Other raw materials. Weeks of international crude oil futures fell to a negative number, strong market reaction, polyester short price dropped down. On April 26, ji lu area 1. 4 d * 38 mm polyester staple fiber prices at 5600 yuan/ton, compared to a week before the fall of 700 - 800 yuan/ton; Jiangsu and zhejiang area of viscose staple fiber prices at 9100 yuan/ton, price fluctuation is not big. Pure cotton yarn. Recently, the characteristics of domestic yarn is still outside the single ran out, within a single, just need to maintain production enterprises. According to the shandong, hebei and other manufacturers, the downstream market still depressed, new single issued sluggish, weaving factory and FangQi increase production, reduce, phenomenon, & other; The May Day & throughout; Much has plans to extend the holiday, FangQi cantango psychology, shipment for afternoon generally bearish market. But subject to cost factors, GeChang more don't want to continue to depreciate, maintain the price level last week. On April 26, shandong air spinning mill OEC12S near 12100 yuan/ton, price, combed yarn 21 s, 32 s, 40 s price respectively is 18200 yuan/ton, 19200 yuan/ton, 20300 yuan/ton. Compact spinning combed JC60S quoted price 26800 yuan/ton, there are still 100 - the actual clinch a deal 200 yuan/ton. Other yarn. On April 26, hebei shijiazhuang pure polyester yarn mill T32S price is in 9600 yuan/ton, compared to previous week fell 400 yuan/ton, less real deal; Dongying, shandong province, one factory price of cotton yarn R30S in 12400 yuan/ton, compared to a week before the flat. Import yarn. Feedback, according to traders, recent import yarn light trading, prices continue to fall. At present, the Indian combing JC32S RMB offer near 20800 yuan/ton, Vietnam's comb C32S offer near 18900 yuan/ton, both inside and outside the yarn price upside down. As of 26, China's main port logistics zone, bonded zone outside the yarn inventory close to 100000 tons.
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