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Cotton Textile Internet + Brand Development Conference Appears in Lanxi, Zhejiang

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
'2018 China Cotton Textile Internet + Brand Development Conference' was held here on the 26th. More than 200 experts from China's textile industry and representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain gathered in Lanxi to explore the path to high-quality and sustainable development of the industry.   Lanxi returnee youth Zhu Wenbin cooperated with Lanxi Shuangdeng Home Textile Co., Ltd., and independently researched and developed the 'Mintowel Eco-Induction Towel' with the function of 'staining and discoloring, decontamination and restorationSpeaking of research and development inspiration, Zhu Wenbin said that he and his partners have read tens of thousands of negative reviews related to towels through major e-commerce platforms, and recorded them one by one, making a table, and analyzing market orientation for research and development. Using big data to find precise needs, 'Internet + brand' is bringing new opportunities to the cotton textile industry.   As early as the Southern Song Dynasty, the Lanxi textile industry began to sprout. In recent years, the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the cultivation of the textile industry, highlighting the theme of fashionable textiles, and guided by the improvement of innovation capabilities to promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry and enhance core competitiveness. 'Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Textile Industry'Several Opinions on the Development Environment' and other policies, the annual financial funds used to support the textile industry for technological transformation, science and technology, etc. total more than 50 million.   In the critical period of the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, Lanxi attaches great importance to the development of the fashion textile industry, established Lanxi Fashion Textile Bureau, and established two textile professional technology transfer centers, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Jiangnan Branch of China Textile Institute. Recently announced the 2017 China Cotton Textile Industry Top 100 Competitive Enterprises List, Lanxi Jinsuo Textile, Lima Textile, Seven Star Textile, Wanzhou Holdings, Xinlan Textile, Xinhai Textile, Wesson Textile and many other cotton textile enterprises Be on the list. At present, Lanxi has more than 1,600 textile enterprises, importing more than 20,000 sets of the world's most advanced Toyota imported air-jet looms, imported more than 10,000 sets of Picanol and other rapier looms, and imported more than 3 million yuan of imported automatic threading More than 100 sets of machines have increased labor productivity by 40%. In 2017, there were 147 textile enterprises in Lanxi City, achieving an output value of 28.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%, maintaining a double-digit growth for 12 consecutive years, and the proportion increased from 12% to 39%; achieving a regulated industrial added value of 56.2 100 million yuan, an increase of 7.1% year-on-year, forming a relatively complete industrial chain of spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, colored cloth, denim, home textile towels, clothing, industrial fabrics, etc., which is currently a relatively well-known and important influential industrial chain in China. Cotton textile industry cluster area. Article Keywords:  Cotton Spinning Internet Brand China Cotton Textile Industry Association
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