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Cotton spot or expand the 'four' yue or difficult period ( On March 2, 2020 6) - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
A, domestic cotton spot or expand narrow futures prices fell this week, spot prices rose sharply, domestic yarn increases significantly increased from last week. National cotton yarn market monitoring system index CNCotton C32S average price 20665 yuan/ton, up from last week 192 yuan/ton, cotton yarn sent 7861 yuan/ton, compared with 670 yuan/ton last week to expand; Main cotton futures settlement price 20784 yuan/ton, down from last week 19 yuan/ton, higher than the spot 119 yuan/ton, price is 211 yuan/ton last week. It is understood that the domestic part of the return to work the textile enterprises of finished goods inventory low, logistics spending increases and rising costs ( Mainly epidemic prevention input materials) Factors, such as partial variety 200 - rising domestic yarn factory price contrarian 500 yuan/ton. Second, the international cotton prices continued drop ( A) 32 cotton yarn this week, Indian port take delivery average price 20632 yuan/ton, down from last week 36 yuan/ton, the gap between China and India [ 1] ( 1] Expand over the week 228 yuan/ton to 33 yuan/ton; Vietnam port to pick up an average of 20252 yuan/ton, down from last week 6 yuan/ton, the price difference from last week to expand 198 yuan/ton to 413 yuan/ton. ( 2) 21 of cotton yarn this week, Indian port to pick up an average of 19740 yuan/ton, down from last week 16 yuan/ton, the gap between China and India to expand from last week 98 yuan/ton to 392 yuan/ton; Pakistan port to pick up an average of 19330 yuan/ton, down from last week 16 yuan/ton, the gap between China and Pakistan to expand over the week 98 yuan/ton to 802 yuan/ton. ( 3) 10 rotor spinning this week, Indian port to pick up an average of 13380 yuan/ton, held steady for three weeks, the gap between China and India 34 yuan/ton to expand - from last week 111 yuan/ton. According to places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang cotton traders feedback, the global stock market, the ICE futures and zheng cotton futures disk adjustment effect, since the end of February, import yarn inside and outside the plate prices continue to decline, especially Vietnam C20 - High C32S with combed yarn. Shipment from the port, import OE yarn, 8 - Pakistan 16 s siro-spun and JC21, JC32S cotton inquiry and clinch a deal the previous two weeks. Three, polyester staple fiber continued drop viscose staple maintained steady this week, the national cotton market monitoring system for chemical fiber index, CNCotton PS ( 1. Direct spinning polyester short 4 d) Average price 6426 yuan/ton, down from last week 90 yuan/ton, cotton polyester spreads narrowed from last week 388 yuan/ton to 6378 yuan/ton; CNCotton VS( Mainstream viscose staple) Average price 9600 yuan/ton, and flat last week, cotton viscose spreads narrowed from last week 478 yuan/ton to 3204 yuan/ton. Four, afternoon looking ( A) Traditional & other; Yue four & throughout; Or difficult to come into domestic outbreak & other; Throughout the second half &; , the textile industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises are gradually in order to return to work and production, after a long period of time after shut down and start the low capacity utilization, a lot of customer order delivery delay and delay. According to the usual tradition, & other Yue four & throughout; Period, many manufacturers to stock will go smoothly, but affected by the outbreak of this year, the factory lockout time is longer than usual for at least half a month, if the lack of new orders, with the increase of return to work and production enterprises, finished goods inventory is bound to increase under pressure and lead to sales. From clothing, textile and garment market both popularity and timeliness, the winter of 2019 affected by the outbreak did not sell the clothes will be carried forward to the winter of 2020. The epidemic is still spreading, spring clothing sales have been affected, and spring clothing inventory increase will indirectly affect the autumn clothing consumption, more stress on corporate cash flow under the influence of the outbreak, the industrial chain loops and reversed transmission to. ltd, mills. ( 2) Domestic market competition or more from the world, who, according to the latest figures global new crown pneumonia cases have more than 100000, the epidemic is still more spread in the whole world, in & other; Throughout the rise &; 。 Affected by the outbreak of abroad, many foreign trade enterprise original supply chain disruptions, initiation of foreign trade to domestic trade ideas, is bound to exacerbate domestic trade market competition. In 2019 our country textile clothing (domestic market growth has slowed in 2018. The National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2019 the national limitation above clothing shoes and hats, needles textiles goods retail sales is 1. 3517 trillion yuan, rose 2. 9%, growth is slowing in 2018 5. 1%; The national dress goods online retail sales rose 15. 4%, continue to maintain double-digit growth good level, but from a slowdown in 6. 6%. Superposition of epidemic factors and some businesses shifted, the pressure of domestic textile and apparel market pressure or will surge. ( 3) Late requirements or periodic recovery as domestic epidemic gradually ease now, since the Spring Festival is epidemic suppression of textile production requirements may be displayed in a certain period of time in the future, and stimulate the cotton consumption appear periodic recovery. Epidemic change situation need to pay close attention to both at home and abroad. ( 1] This paper spreads are all in the yarn prices and the difference of the price.
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