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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Winding and weaving as spinning at the end of the procedure of the first working procedure, like play & other Bridge & throughout; Role, and thus occupies an important position in the textile field. In the cone winding machine failure, shall be based on primary and secondary factors, find out the cause of the failure occurs and the solution. 01 cop repository does not turn on normal winding, the cop unwinding, discriminant and signal detection of yarn device, drive transmission mechanism will put some move to atc conveyor belt and kicked the empty tube into the conveyor belt. Stepper motor through a transmission rod to rotate the ratchet teeth, cop a certain rotary Angle of the library, insert full yarn add spindles, and then put some move back to working position. Because the ratchet parts were choked up with cotton wool or cotton waste winding, to rotate the pawl cannot drive ratchet, hence yarn fault repository does not turn. As long as the yarn library components will be removed, the cotton wool or cotton waste removal can be back to normal. In a week, compressed air cleaning work, as long as clean in place to prevent the failure. 02 cop frequently in pipe installation step down the failure surface is made of yarn device polluted, due to failure. As long as the part will detect the surface clean. Yarn of cleaning device testing part is often the best way to prevent this kind of failure. 03 no sharp scissors if not sharp scissors don't cut the yarn, the suction nozzle to absorb the small yarn will be folded into double yarn at fixed suction nozzle, so that when through clearer was cut, so repeated several times, cause can't normal production, and increase energy consumption. Scissors part will be removed when maintenance, change a new pair of scissors. Don't discard, not the sharp scissors processing can be sent to the mechanical maintenance workshop ( Overhaul shop) Continue to use after sharpening. 04 tension device dysfunctional tension device by providing the appropriate tension bowl to the yarn tension. Divided into pressure plate and stationary plate tension bowl. Static plate is fixed, pressure plate of axial movement and swing. When pressurized disc is waste winding, its movement is blocked, causing tension instability, winding density is uneven, the phenomenon of broken ends often appear. When maintenance according to remove operation specification, such as waste sundry clean can. 05 big suction nozzle air leakage when big suction nozzle at zero, with a yarn on large near the suction nozzle, if drawn into the suction nozzle yarn, shows great suction nozzle air leakage. Big suction nozzle air leakage will not only cause energy waste, also can make the other part of the air pressure is insufficient. Whether big suction nozzle on the suction by air door big suction nozzle and energy saving living board decisions. Live board to open the big suction nozzle air suction, no suction conversely. Live big suction nozzle air leakage is due to the plate are cotton wool dust miscellaneous embedded plug and closed lax, therefore, to throttle will be removed during maintenance, the cotton wool dust miscellaneous clean up, and remove the drive plate cylinder piston open living, daub sealing grease, in order to achieve the effect of sealing and lubrication. Damper installed, check again with the yarn is not flat, make sure a good one. 06 splice unqualified or splice splice unqualified or splice failure is caused by a variety of reasons. One is the improper process design, splice parameters is not reasonable. 2 it is to dial the yarn pole position is not correct, failed to twist yarn into the connector. Three is the splice rotation is not flexible, seal leakage oil in the short, splice cap damage or pop-up is ineffective. Reason is a man-made causes can change the splice parameters, and then do splice test, to test splice parameters is reasonable. Second solution is to dial the yarn pole screw loosening, correct location. Three reasons are often appear phenomenon, but also for key parts of maintenance work, so when maintenance according to the specific circumstances, add the lubricating oil if necessary for the activity. Failure of 07 clearer yarn clearer is another key components affecting the quality of yarn. Automatic winder usually adopts electronic yarn clearer, electronic yarn clearer and divided into two categories, photoelectric and capacitance. In LOEPFE company TK830 for capacitive clearer case analysis, and if the cop of mechanical wave, yarn clearer in a slotted drum revolution after cut, then change the cop can resume normal production. Failure and clearer in a short period of time often occurs shear action, so that can't continue to produce. Troubleshooting method is to reset the yarn clearer, reset number should be in two or more times, to ensure that the reduction and accurate. Invalid if reset can be concluded that the internal electronic components damage is clearer, can refer to an electrician. 08 cone yarn grip arm size clip is not flexible tube yarn grip on the arm of the size of the chuck is high speed, the rotation speed and close to the speed of the slotted drum, so often appear bearing wear failure. After failure occurs, bobbin rotating difficulties, uneven yarn arrangement, alarm prompt will appear, as long as the bearing within the chuck out put on new can resume normal production.
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