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Cotton prices fell by 1000 yuan/ton from early march in advance - 'May Day' holiday Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
Monitoring stations in anhui national cotton market monitoring system, based on the different scale cotton textile enterprises in anhui province, affected by the new crown pneumonia outbreak, deep down a month to cotton yarn sales price, cotton yarn sales cold and cheerless, trading volume gradually atrophic, product inventory increased, cotton mills survival pressure. New crown pneumonia outbreak spread around the world to make spinning clothing export orders cancelled or cancellations, textile factory a large number of inventory backlog, cotton yarn sales when trapped. Since mid-march, cotton yarn sales prices fell by channel is opened, all the way down, falling. Now 32, combed pure cotton yarn selling price has dropped to 18600 - 18800 yuan/ton, 40 teams combed pure cotton yarn selling price has dropped to 19500 - 19800 yuan/ton, all is the beginning of march fell by more than 1000 yuan/ton. Prices, sales flat, with a few factory production of health materials readily marketable products, most of the factory orders and are rarely quick urgent single, single, small single, marketable in most products, sales decline, especially since the beginning of this April, cotton yarn sales harder, a little factory of cotton yarn sales seems to be hardly pressed the & other; Pause button & throughout; 。 Anqing, head of a small factory, cotton yarn has been quite difficult delivery, buyers don't goods. Chizhou a cotton yarn, cotton mills in charge of the sales boss said factory sales account for only half of the cotton yarn production. Cotton yarn inventory gradually rising turnover funds increasingly difficult, most of the cotton mills facing pressure to survive. Although the recent sessions of cotton, cotton futures prices rose make cotton yarn sales temporarily stop falling prices stabilised, but sales did not get better, cotton mills of afternoon generally pessimistic, many factory considering in advance & other; The May Day & throughout; False decompression, extend to 7 - holiday 10 days.
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