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by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
Xinjiang cotton prices continue to weak recently, seed cotton or cotton seed prices in varying degrees of decline, cotton procurement situation until December is expected to also difficult to have improved markedly, what's the monster moth is the market? Xinjiang local procurement staff, said the recent southern xinjiang seed cotton purchase prices fell again, one is the difference in market inquiry, purchasing motivation; 2 it is level of seed cotton quality have appeared in the varying degrees of decline. Late in the seed cotton sell, even if the lint prices do not drop, seed cotton prices will fall, after all, the quality is the prophase variation. And now the price of cotton is declining, the seed cotton on, southern xinjiang kashgar sell hand picked cotton prices have dropped to 6. 8 yuan/kg. According to the national cotton market data monitoring system, on November 13, 2017, xinjiang local seed cotton price is 6. 97 yuan/kg, corps of 7. 15 yuan/kg, just one day, the xinjiang local seed cotton price is 6. 96 yuan/kg, and corps dropped to 6. 9 yuan/kg. In xinjiang seed cotton prices continue to decline, but also lint, national cotton market monitoring system, according to data CNCottonA average down 3 yuan/ton, compared with yesterday and CNCottonB average was down 5 yuan/ton from yesterday. It is understood that the current farmland hand picked cotton price is in 16000 yuan/ton ( Powerful 26 cn/Tex, gross weight) , strong in 27 cn/Tex price is 16100 yuan/ton, machine of the same quality of northern xinjiang cotton price is in 15600 yuan/ton. In spite of this quotation is not low, but still do not have what profit for ginning enterprise, main reason is the previous price is too high, lead to high lint costs. It is understood that in the early begin business in order to rush in the harvest seed cotton, XinJiangMian companies willing to push up prices, even pick up cotton machine purchase price is 7. 0 yuan/kg, hand picking cotton is in July. 6 - 7. 7 yuan/kg. If the 7. 6 yuan/kg price calculation, According to the lint 40%, cotton seed 1. 8 yuan/kg) , the cost of cotton in 16350 yuan/tons. Although the basic flat price this year compared with last year, but the southern xinjiang cotton seed prices have dropped to 1. 6 - 1. The same period last year, 7 yuan/kg, but in 2. About 8 yuan/kg, cotton mills pressure is self-evident. According to the market price is now, do not calculate the cost of financial, cotton prices is already to losses of several hundred yuan per ton. Northern xinjiang cotton seed lower prices, according to a new understanding has been reduced to 1. 58 yuan/kg, break through the 1. 6 yuan/kg this psychological price. Before the market that are unlikely to continue to fall what had fallen to this price. Xinjiang professionals understand, now sent to mainland is little, the number of seeds and snow and rain coming, the local oil companies start dosage is limited, in the short term due to the contradiction between supply and demand of cottonseed is very outstanding, is expected to price will continue to decline slightly. Without signs of improvement in the spot market, zheng cotton finally failed to hold 15200 yuan/ton, since yesterday began to fall, investors believe that a better if the purchase of the current situation in, zheng cotton prices are likely to fall to new lows of 14800 yuan/ton. Future XinJiangMian city in rain and snow have patronage, will face a worse situation, the prospect of cotton prices will not be easily dispersed.
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