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Cotton deputy market: the market pressure fall - in price stability Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
At present, the domestic oil fuel is still in the market demand in the middle and lower reaches of the off-season, and African swine fever epidemic is still spreading, pig amount of sharply fell to lows, further reducing the personage inside course of study of market demand forecast. On the other hand, the subsequent will gradually increase the amount of soybean to the port, 5 - Preliminary estimates an average June port to exceed 9 million tons, or will restrain the domestic market. At present, the domestic cotton market stock has not much, but because of with related products such as soybean meal, soybean oil price difference is small, sales advantage is not big, will also affect the market demand. In multiple markets under pressure, therefore, is expected in the near future basic to maintain stability in the domestic cotton vice fell. On March 26, most domestic cotton seed prices stable, local fell slightly. Oil squeezed the poor, and part of the cotton oil inventory, now for cottonseed procurement cautious, overall marketing light, especially in the cotton cake market demand downturn, dragged down the market, but cotton ginning mill capacity utilization is low, seed supply quantity is little, cotton ginning mill rised mentality is strong, limit the losses, short-term cotton seed or range-bound, buyer can buy English along with. March 26, the domestic cotton oil price stability. Cotton cotton oil capacity utilization is low, the output is limited, to support oil prices, but cotton oil blending amount is limited, oil market volume was light, and soybean oil prices at home and abroad, are a drag on cotton oil prices. Bulk oil weak, short-term cotton oil weak trend cannot alter, buyer can buy English along with. On March 26, most domestic cotton pulp prices stable, local fall. Pig disease cause a large amount of live pigs, and soybean meal and cotton pulp price difference is too small, feed mills to increase soybean meal instead of cotton pulp, cotton pulp demand pessimistic, but open probability is low, cotton oil soybean meal holding cotton pulp or defensive. But a poor demand, the short line or weak shock, buyer can buy English along with. March 26, the domestic cotton linter price stability. Cotton - open probability also is low, linter output is less, oil's price will still strong, but affected by the environmental protection, downstream factory operating rate is low, and import linter price is low, manufacturers purchasing high-priced linter cautious, the market trading co. , LTD, is expected to short-term fluctuations or finishing.
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