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Clinch a deal less of the crop of xinjiang warehouse capacity of emergency - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
Information center, according to the silver cotton industry in xinjiang cotton mills ginned cotton had been processed, is rushing to sales. But due to the FangQi purchasing more watching, less in xinjiang to clinch a deal, only part of the cotton enterprises to participate in the futures price, or sell to traders. Learned, mid to late November, mainland FangQi procurement staff travel to xinjiang to see goods inquiry, but not a large number of procurement. Charge a FangQi said that the current level in xinjiang purchase only a part of the color of poor cotton, the price is in 15000 yuan/tons. Due to a glut on the market, FangQi worry late cotton prices fell, purchasing more carefully. Some FangQi yarn sales and order situation is not ideal, downstream of the receivable slower, the overall procurement of the crop progress is slow. Affected by the market as a whole big market, the domestic large trading company, not a lot of basic stock. Most correspondents visit to fields several big warehouse, warehouse reflect the capacity of the pile is close to the total of the crop, but progress is very slow delivery, 2017 outbound progress less than half of the last year as a whole. Due to the acquisition of processing too risky, southern xinjiang minority factory has appeared in the November midway replacement of head, late FangQi procurement needs to strengthen the risk awareness.
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