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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
It is understood that arrived in our country since the middle of February delivery, the bonded libraries outside the yarn number is declining, bonded port and clearance of the yarn inventory. Several Indian mills and large domestic cotton enterprises, said in late December and January, showed a trend of decline in Chinese exports to India signing of cotton yarn, especially JC20S - Especially JC32S cotton yarn, OE yarn orders fell, C20S - C40S Bai Piao high demand with gauze. Recently, some ports cotton middlemen to suspend the to India and Pakistan 'futures' yarn order, increase in the number of inquiries for Vietnam, uzbekistan yarn, but the actual order is very cautious. Yarn weaving enterprises and traders in China 'futures' is the main reason for decline in the purchasing enthusiasm, by this year's Indian cotton production cut constantly, India's domestic demand for high quality cotton, the rapid growth of Indian yarn cost, the cotton price have increased. At the same time, the Indian mills for cotton prices rose sharply lower profits or even losses, January and February to survive by reducing capacity, mention of yarn count, yarn 'futures' orders on exports demands more and more strict, not only sign up to more than one month in advance and purchaser will be asked to pay a deposit of 20% or higher. At the same time, considering the Chinese national cotton reserves a new wheel has begun, national cotton reserves to meet the best quality and the product is equal to the india-pakistan yarn quality of raw materials demand, FangQi production costs have fallen sharply, the competitiveness of domestic yarn increases. Plus a wide fluctuations of RMB exchange rate, for textile, clothing and foreign trade companies, due to the pricing, fixed exchange rate would be difficult to implement in the contract, so the impact of exchange rate fluctuations to enterprise order is inevitable, reduce the India and Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and yarn 'futures' purchasing is a wise choice.
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