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China's cotton yarn exports sharply reduced - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
According to customs statistics, in August 2019, China's export cotton yarns about 2. 820000 tons, yoy increase 0. 13%, reduce compared to 12. 93%; 1-2019 26 August cumulative export cotton yarn in China. 770000 tons, down 6% year on year, 1 - August imports of cotton yarn 1. 33 million tons, down 7% year on year) ; The 5 - In July China's cotton yarn exports year-on-year growth, respectively 6. 46%, 15. 48%, - 17. 3%, thus, cotton yarn exports dropped sharply focused on July and August. It is worth noting that the depreciation of more than 4% in August, CY2001 disk price fell to 21455 from 19965, Fell 1490 points, or 6. 94%) Lead to continuous improvement and so on domestic yarn competitiveness for failed to stop the footsteps of cotton yarns decline in exports. Henan, jiangsu and zhejiang, cotton mills and export enterprises, said since July, more than 50 s and general comb, combed yarn and compact spinning export orders open relatively obvious downward trend, some manufacturers have to take down the yarn cotton assorting, change new fiber spinning fibre yarn and blended yarn, yarn production and so on measures to maintain production, to reduce the risk; In September, improvement, production and sales & other Gold nine not to, silver ten difficult period & throughout; , so the cotton yarn exports is expected to weak still, it is difficult to & other; Poor & throughout; 。 Analysis summarized as follows: one is the global textile clothing consumption growth or even face fell back quickly. The United Nations trade and development report in 2019 pointed out that the world economy is heading for trouble, trade friction, the exchange rate changes, the enterprise debt, no agreement to take off the upside down and yields, and so on and so forth have warned. 2019 weak global demand, coupled with the U. S. government's unilateral tariff act, this year's global trade growth will severely slow down; Second, the euro and the pound going down, imports of cotton yarn, spinning and other costs rise. According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2019, in the second quarter of the European Union not only clothing imports from China fell 10. More than 2%, 5%, and the other quarter from India and Turkey clothing imports also fell 1, respectively. 1%, 4. 1%, and thus affect the export of Chinese cotton yarns; In the second quarter of nine eu imports of Chinese clothing price increases. 8%, not is small; Three is the effect of a trade war with China is by & other; Body & throughout; Infiltrated & other; Throughout the body &; , mill by single export enthusiasm is not high, not only are our main European and American buyers carefully. Some mills said, for fear of the United States impose tariffs on imported cotton yarn, spinning clothing and other losses, the contract price or to raise tariffs on foreign buyers to take down to the Chinese manufacturing enterprises, such as widespread resistance by Chinese companies, and other How & throughout; Become the common attitude of cotton; Four is high count of competitive advantage in the domestic, southeast Asia product substitution ability enhancement. On the one hand, a large number of bidding and procurement of domestic cotton state reserve cotton of high cost performance, reduce spinning raw material costs at the same time also cause a downturn of the high count cotton yarn quality index, the stability; On the other hand, countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India cotton mills purchase beauty, Australian cotton and Brazil cotton, cotton high-quality machine of comb, combed yarn and homebred brand high count yarn of the gap is narrowing, 60 s and the following alternative to enhance cotton yarn.
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