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Chamber of commerce convened the Indian anti-dumping investigation related to flax yarn to coordinate - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
On the morning of February 24, the legal department in chamber of commerce in India's anti-dumping investigation related to flax yarn to coordinate. Dongxiao wang, director of the meeting. Three secret YanNing trade relief agency business, business hall there section chief, business bureau of jiaxing city, zhejiang province Wu Ying director, department of commerce of jiangsu province Sun Yue attended the meeting. Investigation period export top 10 zhejiang jinyuan, yixing shun cheong, jiamusi sanhe eight companies such as representative and ubs, guoco, the jin cheng TongDa, DE heng, jin city five well-known law firm partner, to attend the meeting. The case in February 7 cases, the China of the products involved in the id number is 53061000, 53062000, dumping investigation period for October 2016 - In September 2017, according to my customs statistics, dumping my flax yarn exports to India during the survey period and amount is about 7995. 20000 dollars. This case the complaint is JayaShreeTextiles group in India. According to the filing announcements, stakeholders should be released since the announcement within 40 days from the date of submit comments. Investigations on the meeting, George to the chamber of commerce in legal and 'four segments linkage' work principle are introduced, encourage enterprises to build up confidence, actively respond to the case, in the Indian market export interests. Dongxiao wang, director of the analysis of the case involved in products: flax yarn and the characteristics of flax industry in India are stressed under the 'four segments linkage mechanism, the importance of foreign anti-dumping cases. Ministry relief bureau Yin trade remedy the situation of our country is introduced, the characteristics and interpretation of Indian anti-dumping case. Ministries and agencies, business bureau of jiaxing city in zhejiang and jiangsu government ministries and agencies respectively introduce the situation of local government trade remedy cases, and said it would cooperate with enterprises to actively respond to the Indian anti-dumping investigations, flax yarn for positive results. Legal department Wang Jing detail, deputy director of India's overall trade remedy the situation, in this case case background, characteristics and the complainant Indian anti-dumping investigation JayaShreeTextiles company are analyzed, Suggestions businesses to participate in collective defence industry, actively strive for individual tax rate, try out products, contact the importer and the downstream enterprises and negotiate price commitment to seek breakthrough. Legal department also share the chamber of commerce for many years the successful experience of organizing trade remedy cases, emphasizes the government guidance, the organization of the chamber of commerce and lawyers counselling and enterprise cooperation, the importance of common responses. The enterprise on behalf of the product and the complainant and India market, and says it will actively participate in the case of no damage to the defense work, keep export market in India. Then five lawyer anti-dumping cases one by one, according to their respective agent experience, analysis of the case facts and potential defense points, and export enterprises to the discussion of the case facts. Legal department has been set up to deal with this case in the meeting WeChat group, then this case investigations will collect information table, collect goods information, a positive start this case without damage to a plea, and promote enterprise to fight.
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