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Cashmere loop yarn cherie effect

by:Chengyi     2021-06-26

What is loop yarn?

Loop yarn is a kind of fancy yarn, composed of three parts: core thread, pressure thread (also called a fixed thread), and decorative thread. The looped yarn has a regular looping effect on the finished line, hence the name. Usually, the core thread and pressure thread of the loop yarn are often made of woolen raw materials such as chemical fiber filament or acrylic fiber for use.

The decorative thread is the part of the twisting machine that is circled. It can be yarn of various woolen raw materials or cotton roving. The cashmere loop yarn to be introduced today uses nylon as the core thread.

Nylon is stronger than pure cashmere to withstand small and dense cashmere loops. Cherie's yarn is different from pure cashmere loop yarn in that its loop shape is small and full, which looks like fine piles from afar. Cherie's circles are not delicate and soft, and have no publicity at all, like soap bubbles that can be picked up in a hand, and like soft and waxy sandbag particles.

The looped yarn has strong three-dimensional decoration and is mainly used for knitting and weaving. Finished clothes, hats, scarves, socks, etc. can all be used. The density of the finished loop yarn is higher than that of ordinary yarn, so the warmth retention is stronger than that of ordinary yarn.

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