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care of tencel fabric | ehow

by:Chengyi     2020-06-09
Breathable, comfortable, groundedFriendly and easy to care for, Tencel is the trade name of lyocell, a fabric made of pulp.Shredded fiber is used for clothing, sheets, towels and curtains.Many of the sky silk items can be cleaned and dried by machine, but there are also some that need to be washed by hand or dry-cleaned.
Always check the label.
Your Tencel item label should give you proper care information.Dr. Joyce Ann SmithD.A clothing expert from the Extension Department of Ohio State University said that woven or knitted shredded fabric, as well as processed, denim and chino shredded, can usually be cleaned and dried with a machine.She suggested treating the project like cotton or cottonPolyester.
Wash and freeze using a warm environment, rinse and roll dry in a medium-heat or permanent pressure environment.If you choose to dry your Sky Silk item, please note that it may shrink by 3% when drying for the first time.Some shredded fabric mixed with cotton or artificial silk or silk-Like washing hands and drying lines may be required to complete.
If the silk fabric is allowed to air dry, they become stiff.You can soften the items in the dryer with soft towels at low temperatures.The surface of the silk fabric that requires dry cleaning is usually smooth or Sandy.
Tencel fabric is wrinkled when dry-Free, but if you want to decorate it with an iron, set it up and turn off steam using warm or \"synthetic\" heat.The high temperature can damage the filament, especially the microfibre fabric, and the steam leaves spots that will not fall off before the next wash.A safe option is to hang items in warm and humid places such as a shower.
Oxygen and chlorine bleach do not harm the filament fibers, but these products may harm dyes or other finishes applied to the fabric.If you rub some shredded fabrics with deface agents when they are wet, they will be damaged.Moths and mildew can damage the sky.Make sure they are clean and dry when they are stored in a cool, good environmentVentilation location.
Do not store items in plastic bags.
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