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C32S import yarn slightly stretched port shipment no big improvement Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
From guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong market survey, since late October, bonded port shipment, customs clearance cotton inquiry, not with ICE period cotton, zheng cotton rose and there is a big improvement, in addition to OE8 - 16 s yarn, C21 - 32 s knitting yarn clinch a deal the poor, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, uzbekistan and over 40 s and combed yarn, combed yarn JC32S or more sales continued weak, weak market. 8 - guangdong market 16 s peaking Pakistan siro-spun demand continues to fall, price is high, the quality level of cotton assorting of insufficient stability and the cotton is an important reason. But nearly for more than a week, shaoxing, zhejiang province, jiangsu changzhou, jiangsu nantong C32S high match BaoPiao import yarn supply some tight, traders to transfer from guangdong, Qingdao port or sign up at sight giant Vietnam, India brand yarn. On the one hand, weaving mill since October coastal areas to C32S machine knitting yarn ( BaoPiao since the collaterals) Demand is bigger, the main production of bedding, shirt, high-grade towel, etc. ; On the other hand - 9 October weaving mill, middlemen C32S yarn inventory shortage. Due to the 7 - Weaving, clothing, foreign trade enterprises in China in September to sino-us trade negotiations make substantive progress not optimistic attitude, so the initiative to yarn, cloth, clothing inventory; The us-china trade negotiations as early as October outlook change, inventory start quietly. We have learned, mid to late October zheng cotton and rising spot open mode ( CF2001 contracts from 11970 yuan/ton rose to 13215 yuan/ton, up 10. 4%) , southern xinjiang & other; Double 29 & throughout; Hand picking cotton sales quotation also from 12500 Soared to 13400-12600 RMB per ton 13500 yuan/ton ( Heavy settlement) And no profit or production and marketing of domestic cotton & other; Upside down & throughout; The yarn price rises in 300 - have to be 500 yuan/ton ( OE yarn, C40S and below general comb yarn) ; Over the same period such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam mills CNF, FOB quotation outside dish also strong, increase space with cotton spot, therefore the domestic weaving mill, middlemen purchase & other; Overflow & throughout; The effect is not big, India, Pakistan and other mills from Chinese buyers & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Touch the rebound orders are not obvious. Shandong Qingdao, zibo, weaving mill feedback, currently C32S with gauze inside and outside the price & other; Upside down & throughout; 100 - In September 300 yuan/ton, the shrinkage is obvious; But as a result of India, Pakistan, Vietnam yarn with cotton is given priority to with low quality, late flower, American cotton, cotton, cotton in Pakistan and India Brazil cotton, such as west Africa cotton is miscellaneous, plus some cotton yarn & other; Stick a card & throughout; Processing, cause the overall yarn consistency, the stability is not ideal, since October 1, so even in the dollar against the yuan ( Offshore) Has fallen almost 1% ( Onshore fell 1. 13%) Premise, bonded port, customs clearance cotton yarn to clinch a deal is still didn't arrive & other; Throughout & information industry; Temperature.
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