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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Since the end of February, Australia in 2018 and 2019, the spot price of cotton rose to a record high cotton farmers positive sales. In 2018, farmers per acre to booking about 13 bags, whereas in 10 - 11 package. At present, the farmers have pre-sale about 90% of Australian cotton in 2018. Long-term sale price of 2018 Australian cotton has amounted to $587 / package, March 1, march - May have corresponding premium delivery price. Cotton in 2019 Australia, though no guarantee adequate irrigation water supply also has a large number of sales, price is $552 / package. In 2020 Australian cotton price is $521 / package. In spite of the spot transactions active, Queensland has obvious rainfall process, are harvested Emmerald area appeared the last week of February 158 mm of rain. Burnett, farmland in the south of the heavy rains triggered floods, and continuous dark damp weather since mid-february. As of early march, local boll opening rate of about 15% of the crop, rain lead to fall off the top bolls. After the cotton is expected to yield to 12. 5 packages/ha, but after the rain that yield only 10 packages/kg. March 3 -, according to the weather forecast 7, new south wales rainfall scope will continue to expand. Overall look, the recent rain helps to maturity of the crop, irrigation water and is beneficial to increase the overall cotton-producing area in 2019. The region need to continue to sunny and dry weather, so as to guarantee the smooth of the crop harvest, and a drop in rainfall will cause the quality and yield of the crop. According to the latest statistics, harvest is about 500000 packages of the crop in Australia in the year of 2018. At present, countries around the world rely on high grade Australian wool, cotton, SM 1- 5/32 G5, 29 gpt) The basis of ( Based on the ICE futures contracts) may Remain at 1625 points, M class at 1525 points. Early harvest high in Australia, cotton has begun to have a quotation, SM - 1 7/32 of the basis for 1800 points, 1 - 3/16 basis at 1700 points, than it is now the same length of the high-grade cotton high 300 points, the reason is that over RongChang 37 of the cotton in the United States have no discount.
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