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by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
At present, the harvest of the crop in Australia continue to push forward, the output is expected to be 4. 5 million bales. This year, according to Australian cotton company forecast irrigation area of 37. 20000 hectares, upland field 8. 10000 hectares, with a total area of 45. 30000 hectares. The first harvest of the crop from central Queensland. From the initial embossed Numbers, Australian cotton quality of the crop this year is very good, yield reached 10 - 14 packages/ha. Darling in irrigation near defoliation, at the end of march to early April will begin to harvest, harvest in mid-april will be in full swing. For now, recent extreme high temperatures on the impact of the crop, and the prophase rainfall of some kind of the advantage of the crop of late. Overall, dryland Tian Chan production this year is lower than average, but the irrigation Tian Chan production situation is good.
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