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Application of fancy yarn in the field of clothing

by:Chengyi     2021-07-01

In the past, consumers have always pursued Western fashion and clothing fabrics. In the past, they only wanted to cover the body and comfort. The current requirement is fashionable and functional fabrics. Domestic companies have also realized that they should grasp the consumption in the domestic market. The quota is changing the pattern of fabrics in our country, and the proportion of fancy yarn and fine denier polypropylene as a product that combines technology and art in knitting yarns is constantly expanding.

1. Patterned yarn is used for knitted fashion fabrics

Actually, fancy yarns and fine denier polypropylene have been applied very early in the knitting industry and have a wide range of cutting. Whether in hand knitting or machine knitting, fancy yarns play a pivotal role. For example, the knitted outerwear in the big belly yarn weaves has a three-dimensional effect, simple and full of changes. Woven bags have a strong sense of unevenness; currently, the clothing that is matched with clothing, such as hats, scarves, gloves, etc., has very good fashion characteristics.

2. Fancy yarns are also used in woven fashion fabrics

In all woven fabrics, such as silk, yarn-dyed, police wool and so on. With the vigorous development of the silk industry, compared with the silk industry that used fancy yarns in the past, it has a good development prospect. We can vigorously develop new products in the future. The development of fancy silk, fancy yarn, fancy wool and fine denier polypropylene can all find good development prospects in the knitting industry.

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