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Application of Fancy Yarn in Home Textiles

by:Chengyi     2021-07-02

Household textiles mainly refer to the supplies and decorations needed in the home interior. There are many types, including bedding, curtains, coverings (ie sofas, etc.), floor coverings, wall coverings, dining and kitchens, and decorations. Class etc. In addition to practical functions, home textiles also have the function of beautifying the living environment, creating a good atmosphere, and reflecting the taste of the owner.

People's consumption level has been improved with the improvement of living standards, and the change of consumption concept has not only expanded the use of home textiles and space, but also formed the pursuit of quality and fashion for home textiles. Home textile products, like clothing, have popular fabrics and popular colors. Bedding: The application of fancy yarns injects fashion vitality into bed decoration fabrics.

According to the fashion trend, the products are designed for different countries and different consumers. Some use fancy yarns, some are used locally, and combined with jacquard and printing technology to give popular elements of bed decoration fabrics, the products are beautiful Comfortable, warm and elegant feeling. Curtain fabrics: fancy yarn curtains are elegant and beautiful. Fancy yarns are widely used in interior decoration fabrics in the United States and Western Europe. Especially in recent years, the market space for fancy yarn interior decoration fabrics is very large.

Take curtains as an example, using three-dimensional knot yarn, loop yarn, chenille yarn, slub yarn and other curtain fabrics developed by combining warp knitting, burnt-out, printing, jacquard, etc., the color is elegant and the design is Popularity, environmentally friendly raw materials, classic patterns and fashion, giving people a pleasing and indulgent feeling.

Wallcovering fabrics: Fancy yarn wall covering is a fourth-generation wall covering product, which is elegant and fashionable when used in residences, and shows aristocratic taste when used in hotels, hotels, and commercial buildings. Applicable fabrics: chenille thread or thick knots, loop compound fancy thread, woven furniture decoration fabric, with the classical jacquard weave, reasonable matching of popular colors, used for all kinds of sofas, cushions, seats, etc., More popular in European countries and the United States.

The requirements of the trend of home textiles for fancy yarns: The home textile industry has huge room for development at home and abroad, and the requirements for fashionable products will be higher and the standards will be stricter.

From the perspective of the market experience and product innovation direction of manufacturers, the use of fluffy structure and dynamic changes in color and yarn thickness can produce three-dimensional hierarchical effects, or form color hierarchical changes caused by color changes, which can form conformity Fashion trends, products with market competitiveness.

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