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Anqing in anhui cotton mills are starting situation is remarkable - after the holiday Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
The Spring Festival is approaching, anqing in anhui province recorded in most of the cotton ginning mill have been stop seed cotton purchase and processing work, but for when to return to work after the Spring Festival, cotton prices generally said after the comprehensive consideration of cotton prices and weather conditions. It is understood that although FangQi first raw material inventory procession of lint sales boom, the cotton mills lint inventory down slightly. But for years ago cotton farmers sell, cotton ginning mill lint number is still large. At present, the local cotton mills more inventory to thousands of tons, less also has more than 200 tons. Because of the weakness in this year's cotton, cotton ginning mill operating condition is not satisfied, in the face of a larger number of lint inventory, cotton prices generally expect cotton city has a good market in the next year. As for when to return to work after the Spring Festival, cotton mills said mainly depends on how the holiday market, at the same time also depends on the weather. If the city of cotton prices are set a positive and sunny weather; If the cotton stock market still depressed or weather rainy weather will consider delay or do not intend to return to work.
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