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Anhui east to stable cotton seed cotton prices very busy - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
The wave of lively, is mainly due to the Spring Festival before, cotton, cotton sold cotton enthusiasm high, cotton mills sell cotton seed, cotton was accelerated. As of February 5th, local seed cotton purchase prices basically stable in 3. 12 - 3. 6 yuan/jin, a small number of lint 37. 5% of the seed cotton prices in 3. 00 yuan/jin, cottonseed price of 1. 00 yuan/jin, lint quote - in 14000 14600 yuan/ton ( Delivery, gross weight, to bring my ticket) And lower cash directly take delivery price 200 yuan/tons. According to understand, because the cotton farmers, MianFan/cotton enthusiasm high, the day volume of business in 150000 jins, 200000 jins plus external seed cotton. For fast processing and fast sales, enterprise during the Spring Festival holiday time for February 12, the eighth day is ready to start work. Post-holiday national cotton reserves round out more and more close, in order to reduce risk, said local firms to be finished before national cotton reserves round out the seed cotton processing, cotton seed increases with the increasing processing sales, lint sales as soon as possible.
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