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Anhui east to seed cotton sell enthusiasm of a slump - former instead Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
Recently, anhui east to sunny weather, temperature in - 0. 3 - 4 degrees Celsius, seed cotton purchase and return to normal seed cotton processing, cotton farmers also take advantage of the sunny weather to will continue to dry, peel the peach cotton as the footsteps getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, farmers, MianFan hoarding cotton initiative is decreased obviously. It is understood that the local front is very lively, some acquisition enterprise to enterprise sell MianFan in an endless stream, several enterprises, volume from early one thousand jins rise to 100000 jins, recently according to lint, different grades, seed cotton purchase price in 3. 15 - 3. 30 yuan. As of yesterday, a local cotton mills purchase quantity has more than 2 million jins, processing 200 tons of lint, selling more than 100 tons of lint, cotton sales prices in 14300 - 14800 yuan/ton (between Delivery, to bring my ticket, gross weight) 。 In addition, those endless stream of cotton linter inquiry from early significantly increased, but as a result of the downstream quoted price is too low, the cotton linter still place a price without the city. As of January 11, local cotton linter according to quality range in 3800 - quotation 4000 yuan/ton ( Cash delivery price) , a velvet is controlled in 6200 yuan/ton, flowering cotton in xinjiang in 13000 yuan/tons.
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