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Anhui anqing lint spot is hard to find traders to national cotton reserves - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Monitoring system according to the national cotton market feedback, anhui anqing stations correspondents into may, anqing in anhui province cotton seed cotton purchase and overall end processing work, lint spot trading on the previous downturn into active. Lint spot trading better highlight the surface now quantity and price. Lint spot volume surged, some factory can send 2 - a day Three car lint. According to wangjiang, head of a small factory, the factory inventory of more than 400 tons of cotton was sold out within half a month time. Clinch a deal the price rose slightly, the mainstream lint spot net price is in 13900 - to pick up the goods Than last month rose 14700 yuan/ton, 100 yuan/tons. Through this round of quick sales, now has been difficult to find local into a batch of lint spot. Because of lack of lint spot on the market, some local cotton traders are turning to the auction national cotton reserves. 3 - In April, a local cotton marketing larger cotton mills without bidding national cotton reserves, into the may have national cotton reserves received more than 520 tons, in order to make sure the downstream textile customers demand for cotton.
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