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American cotton inspection contract has strong - 4. 3 million tons of new flowers Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
In march, the first week in December on the ICE futures contracts first broke through 78 cents, 80 cents is still the most important psychological price. The sow in southern Texas is comprehensive, long-term sales also basic is the crop in this area, planting in other areas of the United States also can truly begin in two months, now in addition to the west Texas, in other parts of the soil moisture is good. Rain from past, at least until early may begin, will remain dry weather recently. Add 2018/19 annual exports expected positive, in December 2018 contract trends remain strong. According to the latest statistics of the United States department of agriculture, March 9, the upland cotton grade 2017/18 inspection amount up to 430. Levels 50000 tons, the main body color for 31, levels blackjack is 31, average length 28. 96 mm, and the horse value 4. 07, 29. 95 g/Tex, consistency, 80. 94, impurity 0. 36. American pima cotton inspection quantity is 15. 30000 tons, the main body color level 1 level, blackjack level to level 2, the average length of 49. 09, horse value 4. 13, 43. 42 grams/Tex, consistency, 86. 17, impurity 0. 26.
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