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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
The national cotton association ( NCC) Committee, said that the NCC in recent years, the cotton circulation over the years have been trying to solve the problem of American cotton shipment, shipment in promoting American cotton last year made some achievements. Previously, Louis dreyfus company chief Joe, but pointed out that the problem of American cotton delayed shipment, according to the warehouse shipment delay has hurt every link of the cotton industry. NCC said the warehouse the status of the shipment is very important to the success or failure of the whole industry, any flaws in the different degree affect the industrial chain each link of the basic bottom line. NCC said, American cotton continuous fertility does warehouse to bring huge pressure, make some warehouse difficult to effect shipment according to the requirements, the parties to resolve the problem requires industry chain. NCC is one way to do that, in the new farm bill increase the incentives for cotton, such as the warehouse a week met the requirement of the shipped quantity can add cent, points can offset redeemed CCC loan cost of cotton in the future. In addition, the NCC is also considering adjustment cotton warehouse location.
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