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American cotton harvest better - near the end of the horse to low demand Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
On November 17-2017 23, the standard seven big domestic market spot prices an average of 68. 37 cents/pound, rise in the previous 0. 3 lower 97 cents, in the same period last year. 78 cents/lb. In the week, the domestic spot market clinch a deal of seven 98441 packages, clinch a deal this year accumulative total 336265 packages. The week, the domestic spot price, eastern Texas price stability, foreign inquiry activity, the demand of India, Pakistan and Turkey, the best price of west Texas firm and made an inquiry about in the value of low active abroad, India, Pakistan and Turkey's demand, best prices, the western desert region of foreign inquiry, covenant gold regional prices, foreign inquiry light, main variety of inquiry is A word cotton of sawtooth processing, pima cotton price stability, foreign inquiry, Chinese demand is best, cotton traders interested in bounty. South-east in the south of the harvest smoothly, north due to rainfall harvest progress is a little slow, harvest complete around 80%; The delta region in the north of rainfall may affect the quality of the crop, processing, and coming to an end; Delta in southern cold weather affect the harvest progress, overall ideal yield, harvest is coming to an end; Southern and eastern Texas processing coming to an end, production is very ideal, in other parts of the half done; West Texas damp foggy and freezing weather harvest, mid week weather harvest work overtime, is now complete 30 - 40% of the crop has not yet started processing; The western desert area harvested and processed into the climax, complete 40 - harvest 80%; Covenant gold district mountain snow, basic end of harvest; Pima cotton continue to harvest, processing into the climax. The domestic textile mills of 1-2018 Shipment in October 4 cotton inquiry, sight and recent procurement activities focus on arrange early order shipment, yarn demand. Nice cotton exports, Pakistan have inquiry for the recent shipment of 4 cotton, the far east at Texas cheap low value inquiry is still active.
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