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Alaer 1. 200 million yuan textile held the foundation stone laying ceremony - investment projects Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
On the morning of April 8, Emmanuel aral too spring textile co. , LTD. A new phase of the rotor spinning workshop construction projects in the economic and technological development zone (alaer No. 2 industrial park) Aral city construction start ceremony, division, spring textile co. , LTD, taizhou chamber of commerce on behalf of, the aral other textile industry representatives and cooperated-builing parties xinjiang aral newtown construction co. , LTD. ( Hydraulic) More than a branch and so on personnel 60 people attended. We have learned, is located in the economic and technological development zone (alaer Industrial park) The aral so spring textile co. , LTD. A new phase of the construction project of the main rotor spinning workshop workshop for single-layer workshop USES light steel structure, room USES the framework structure area 12046. 65 square, the first phase construction of dormitory building 1, no. 2 floor adopts brick structure, covers an area of 6991. 5 square, staff canteen area of 14. 91 square for 834 people dining, construction project total investment is 1. 2 one hundred million yuan. Cooperated-builing parties aral new town construction in xinjiang limited liability company construction branch manager cattle far stronger, said: 'we will carefully make good construction organization plan, forming a highly efficient project team, go all out to complete the project construction with good quality. ”
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