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Aksu textile industrial city this year to new yarn size ingots - 1 million Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Aksu textile industrial city (this year Development zone) Plans to complete the investment promotion and capital introduction in capital of 8. 4 billion yuan, spinning 1 million ingot size, all kinds of new loom 1000 units, and a breakthrough in the dyeing and printing project. Aksu textile industrial city (this year Development zone) Will continue to strengthen the investment promotion and capital introduction 'number one project', and strive to create the atmosphere of 'great investment, to bring big business', the innovation way of investment promotion and capital introduction, make full use of their own advantages, in accordance with the industry development plan, take the initiative to go out, please come in, increase the intensity of information collection, careful analysis the mainland textile and garment industry development trend and the eastern industry transfer information to the west, strive for a breakthrough. At the same time at the sichuan chuan qin textile 500000 bursts, zhejiang hongfeng 400000 bursts, hebei kay poem rand 2. 30000 tons of blankets, shandong Kang Pingna JianZi yarn and so on, and a breakthrough in the dyeing and printing and accessories project. To have investment intention of enterprises, increase the intensity of docking discussion, make enterprises settled in before the service work, strive to Shanghai joint seem nanyang new Mr 5 million pieces of knitted garments, density waves in shandong textile air jet loom 2300 units, etc. Project signing to the ground. Strengthening one-stop service at the same time, actively cooperate with corporate formalities and 'seven-provided and one leveled' all the work before construction, strive to zhejiang morning tian 550000 spinning stage 1, blue cotton textile spindle 300000 1 to 7 million pieces of clothing, XFX 1 phase of projects such as centralized construction before the end of April. , the main responsibility to carry out the project in a timely manner to solve various problems encountered in the process of project construction, inverted construction time limit for a project, strict supervision of project construction progress and quality, and strive to waffer 370000 spinning cotton, youngor 100000 ingot of fine cotton, textile industrial park 11 items such as clothing enterprise installed trial production within the year. Strengthen infrastructure construction, completes the enterprise employee needs a baseline survey, coordinating region people club department to do a good job of enterprise employee enroll, training, etc. Aksu textile industrial city, 2017 ( Development zone) Closely around the whole industry chain development, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing and other downstream industry as the focus, many times in henan, sichuan, hubei, zhejiang, shandong and other places, through team precision investment, project investment and stock 'repair chain merchants', fill the gaps in the development of downstream industries, textile and garment industry chain has been formed. Signing project 35, treatment of annual accumulative total 42 year-on-year growth. 86%, the sign value of 140. 400 million yuan, rose to 35. 9%. Among them: signing 2. 52 million spinning spindle, machine 1. 1 020000, home textile clothing. 200 million ( Set) , carpet of 14 million square meters.
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