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Aksu is expected to 'digest' of cotton textile industry city - 660000 tons Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
On April 19, has just entered the aksu waffer color spinning co. , LTD. , she heard the noise of the spinning machine. 'This is the first phase has begun to put into production areas, phase ii waffer project will be put into production this year, our production will reach 1 million ingot, need local cotton 220000 tons. 'Aksu waffer color spinning co. , LTD. , advanced training development manager peng about the company's development prospects, appear very proud. 'In the second period waffer after the completion of the project construction, not only can solve the employment of 3500 people, can also make the whole area of cotton benefit, let more people out of poverty at an early date. 'Advanced peng said,' our company has more than 6000 employees, including more than 1000 employees from aksu region of poor families, their per capita salary is 3000 yuan a month, now earn up to 40000 yuan, a four mouth people out of poverty, no problem. 'When it comes to poverty, aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) People club bureau branch junjie is feeling: 'aksu textile industrial city, Development zone) 3651 jobs were created in the first quarter of this year, to complete annual employment goal of 31. 2%. Next will further accelerate development of textile and garment industry, increase the industry scale expanding employment capacity, two, three, four quarter is expected to provide more than 8000 jobs, strive to achieve 2018 aksu textile industrial city, Development zone) New employment 1 textile and garment industry. 20000 goals, including poor transfer employment of 10000 people. 'Junjie to calculate a bill on the spot, aksu textile industrial city (last year Development zone) Spinning scale has reached to 2. 16 million pounds, the use of cotton at more than 460000 tons; This year they will strive to complete 3 million pounds of industry scale, need local cotton 660000 tons, the cotton mainly comes from the eight aksu county a city. Aksu prefecture agricultural aksu region of the head, said this year will be in accordance with the 'control area, optimize the varieties and promotion machine mining, mass transfer efficiency' ideas, to control the cotton planting area of 7. 2 million mu, fell 700000 mu. In cotton production, strive for more than 130 kg lint yield, more than 3 kg increase from last year, is expected to produce cotton in 93. 60000 tons.
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