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by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
On January 1, with the first basket big red bobbin released, located in aksu textile industrial city, Development zone) Aksu label cheese dyeing successful letter fiber co. , LTD. In aksu ergodic fiber co. , LTD. , the cheese dyeing workshop, vats three arrange one by one. Dressed in blue overalls staff orderly operation button, to unveil, ascending sarong, open the window screen, one of the big red bobbin like baby. Learned, aksu ergodic fiber co. , LTD was founded on November 18, 2015, is akzo first is given priority to with fiber dyeing enterprises, with a total investment of 2. 5 billion yuan, three phase of construction, after the completion of all can realize the scale of annual output of 100000 tons of dyeing, tax is 4. RMB 800 million, 5000 people solving employment. 1 company covers an area of 180 mu, total construction area of 2. 30000 square meters, with an annual output of 20000 tons of color fiber, has been formally put into production; 2) 10000 tons of cheese dyeing, 10000 tons of bulk fiber dyeing, 10000 tons of knitted fabric dyeing; Stage 3, 10000 tons 20000 tons of bulk fiber dyeing, dyeing cloth, 20000 tons of cheese dyeing. Company a high starting point planning, construction, and introduced the domestic and foreign first-class technology, building modern, ecological environmental protection of dyeing base, fill the blank of the regional stock dyeing. Aksu ergodic fiber co. , LTD. , mainly cotton bulk fiber dyeing, adopts the dyed before spinning production process, water saving and emissions reduction compared with the traditional technological by more than 50%. Aksu He Ding flow head ergodic fiber co. , LTD. , said. 'the cheese dyeing belongs to green dyeing, in terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction, compared to the original stock dyeing water saving 30%. And a high degree of automation equipment, from into the cage to cage, a staff can be responsible for eight vats, compared with stock dyeing can save more than half of the resources. At present, the workers are working overtime, installation and debugging has completed more than 98% of the equipment installation, including 36 vats, 4 sets of dewatering machine, 4 sets of radio frequency dryer, 2 sets of packing machine and other supporting equipment, all at the end of the month production plan. Aksu textile industrial city '( Development zone) The ac Li Shaoqi, deputy chief of the economic development bureau, fill the blank of the region the finished dyeing and cheese dyeing swallow the printing and dyeing, promote the development of the textile complete industrial chain, the textile industrial city of aksu integrated textile and garment industry base to lay the good foundation, the region gradually formed textile and garment industry cluster area plays an important exemplary and leading role.
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