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ACSA: American cotton prices volatile situation optimistic - Australian cotton exports Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
According to the Australian cotton merchants association ( ACSA) The report shows that 2017/18 cotton output of 4. 6 million package (Australia 1 million tons) , the year 3. 8 million packages ( 830000 tons) Was increased obviously. At the same time, the cotton quality boosted cotton exports. 2017/18 global cotton consumption rebounded, the U. S. department of agriculture ( 美国农业部) Is expected to 1. 22. 9 billion packages ( 26. 76 million tons) And returned to the level of consumption of the global financial crisis. This means that, in nearly a decade, as the world's population growth and the growth of the demand for textiles, global cotton consumption has not increased. On the surface, the main cause of global cotton demand is caused by American cotton exports continue to boom, but it is worth noting that the Texas cotton quality is not high, but by the advantage of the price of cotton, the cotton demand in the international market is widespread, larger sales. Combined with the weather in west Texas is market focus, as the dry weather continued, American cotton yield this year is expected to sharply reduce, is expected to about 18 million packages ( 3. 92 million tons) The left and right sides. Therefore, the United States the situation of shortage of supply and demand for cotton price support, and the continuing escalation of sino-us trade friction has made the trade between China and the United States for a lot of risks, frequent fluctuations of cotton prices. In recent months, China national cotton reserves market sales remained strong, sustained strong demand of cotton, with the national cotton reserves to reduce inventory and production is expected to scale down in xinjiang, this year and next year's cotton supply situation in China is becoming more and more nervous. Therefore, Australian cotton merchants association believes that the annual demand is still bullish on China, China's imports of cotton trend is noteworthy, prediction in the second half of 2018 or 2019 Chinese cotton imports will be substantially more than a few years ago. In the coming weeks, during the annual alternating between old and new cotton, the international market, especially the Chinese market demand for high-grade cotton transfers from the United States to Australia, China cotton import quotas to carry out the use more will speed up the formation of this trend.
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