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by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
On February 3, the reporter comes to zouping county weiqiao textile co. , LTD. , in zou wei three garden two spinning intelligent duplicate compact spinning factory workshop, only a few people, the entire factory production situation in front of the factory total control platform in the clear. 'The investment of 300 million yuan to build 12. 50000 spindles intelligent compact spinning factory, greatly improve the labor productivity, all use the world's most advanced intelligent spinning equipment, which can realize 'entire production automation', 'intelligent control systems' and 'online monitoring information, maintain continuity of production process, not only greatly reduce artificial chance to contact the yarn, yarn quality stability and improve further, even to achieve the' lights out production, weaving head' production status, so also known as the 'lights out workshop'. 'The director Chen Israeli forces is introduced. It is understood that the production lines, 35 km orbit, is the first in the world is compatible with carton packaging and unmanned automatic FengBao two modes of automatic packaging production line. The roving process all adopt the intelligent frame system of the thickness, thickness of rail transport to automatic mode, all yarn in ring spinning frame was replaced by the thickness of al track, spinning frame in yarn USES 'the whole row in yarn' mode, the entire project implements the thick winding package, thickness of al production line can realize automatic transmission from the first floor to the second floor, solved the difficult problem roving across the floor. Cone yarn delivery packaging process selects intelligent packaging logistics system, the system realizes the whole process without any artificial directly involved in the pattern, is really the unmanned intelligent packaging delivery system. Reporter then came all the way across another workshop, production situation and just shop here have obvious difference: in the workshop personnel is much, many processes are artificial, unable to realize automatic transmission, efficiency is not as good as last workshop. 'Our workshop spinning wheel a 480 ingot, I see of 30 cars, a total of 14400 pounds, thin yarn broken ends in the process of drafting easy 'money', can cause the cotton waste on the corresponding spindles, it will be by workers eyesight and experience to discover. 'Just won the national textile industry textile worker vocational skills competition of jian min said. At present, the textile industry of ingot workers an average of 100 people, weiqiao textile was only about 50 people, the most advanced only 10 people. 'The intelligent branch is one of our pilot plant, is also the beginning of our intelligent. 'Weiqiao textile co. , LTD. , chairman of hong-xia zhang said. In addition to the intelligent transformation, zouping cotton textile enterprises to land consolidation, high added value to efficiency. For economizing on land utilization, weiqiao textile is domestic first put the spinning and weaving in three layers and five floors above. Chairman to the shandong weiqiao pioneering group started to say: '' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in period, the enterprise will be in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of development as the center, the textile sector around the binzhou city put forward the building of grade 130 billion of industrial cluster, accelerate the reform of textile smart devices progress, gradually implement the intelligent of the equipment, process, management and products, improve product quality and grades. In the national fitness program as an opportunity, and strive to jia jia home textile and to still make sportswear brands. '2016 national textile industry cluster in recently review work summary on the meeting, zouping county smoothly through the China textile industry association review, was awarded the title of' China textile city 'again. 'In the future, we will compare' made in China 2025 'planning outline, around the present industry situation, toward building intelligent manufacturing platform, gradually achieve intelligent equipment, process, intelligent, intelligent management, intelligent products. Tian said 'zouping county party secretary of the skin.
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