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Zheng cotton whether for bargain-hunting opportunities - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
Zheng cotton usher in 'bottom' opportunity? In 'sink' for more than 20 days later, on June 8, zheng cotton rebounded sharply. On the same day, zheng cotton 1707 contracts in recent months closed at 15210 yuan/ton, up 150 yuan/ton; Main 1709 contract closed at 15515 yuan/ton, up 300 yuan/ton. Eight dish, day and night disk continue to rise, CF1707 contract closed at 15230 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan/ton; CF1709 contract closed at 15605 yuan/ton, up 90 yuan/ton. 9, zheng cotton continued to rise. Zheng cotton surprises, market attention. After 5 months after deep down inflation in occurrence peak, since May 16, zheng cotton or launched falling oscillation mode. For more than half a month of downward adjustment, zheng cotton in early may rise all gains. However, zheng cotton will not content to lonely, in a few days or will be a new round of rally mode. At the bottom of the first, the characteristics are obvious. After falling nearly 20 days, consolidation, zheng cotton have dropped all the recent gains in early may. Especially this period of time, zheng cotton ( CF1709 contracts) Around 15500 yuan/ton, near oscillation, groomed, believe to rise in late accumulated plenty of power. In addition, the recent ICE period cotton also had bottomed out. Yesterday, ICE period cotton continue rising; 1707 contract closed at 76. 55 cents/pound, up 76 points; 1712 contract closed at 73. Ten cents/pound, up to 42 points. Industry forecasts, although the cotton output in this year, but recent export also optimistic, this to ICE period cotton to form a strong support. Second, the state reserve cotton trade show new characteristics: 1, ChanMian volume increase. Four trading days this week, 5-6 month 8) , clinch a deal to ChanMian respectively is 6444 tons, 6433 tons, 6266 tons, 7777 tons, volume increased dramatically from last week. ChanMian volume rise reflects the market signals are: loose cotton supply and demand level changed. 2, the store XinJiangMian in short supply. Recently, the spot market countries store XinJiangMian in short supply. According to pat store enterprise feedback, recently had just finished the store XinJiangMian to spot market sales, price 200 - 300 yuan/ton, will be snapped up immediately. Therefore, everybody still take XinJiangMian keen. In addition, since this week, the number of XinJiangMian hung continue to reduce, only in 1. 2 - 130000 tons. On one side is market thirst; One side is 'hunger marketing', try to ask prices can not rise? Third, the warehouse receipt cotton turn now. Because at present, the zheng cotton has dropped to 15500 yuan/ton ( CF1709 contracts) , 15200 yuan/ton ( CF1707 contracts) The gap between spot and a line. According to cotton enterprise feedback, mainly because of the warehouse receipt cotton XinJiangMian ( 11, 21) , horse value C, B, strength in 27 - 28 cn, main spinning high count in use. In addition, because of the warehouse receipt of cotton growing times higher premium, the actual clinch a deal valence, phase transfer is gradually increasing. Markets expect, warehouse receipt cotton once turn now, will be the price again. Fourth, the structural strain 2017 cotton supply and demand will exist for a long time. By 2015, 2106, cotton production, substantially FangQi largely depend on the state reserve cotton cotton round, the Chinese market will reveal the high quality cotton supplies. In 2017, domestic cotton production is still not optimistic, next year FangQi cotton still need to rely on the support. So, next year's cotton supply and demand tension short-term difficult to change. Because cotton mostly XinJiangMian warehouse receipt, and medium to high quality, it also gives zheng quilt sharply rise of reason. Therefore, the author expects, zheng cotton or will rise sharply again in the near future.
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