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Zhejiang: Raw Material Prices Rise, Textile Enterprises Favor Point Price Resources

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
At present, most of the cotton used by textile enterprises is mainly Xinjiang cotton and real estate cotton. The inventory is about 1 to 2 months. Enterprises are not willing to purchase. On the one hand, affected by the traditional off-season, yarn sales are relatively weak; U.S. trade frictions have reduced orders from downstream customers, and yarn prices have also fallen in varying degrees. The imbalance of production and sales has affected purchasing confidence. The general mentality of textile enterprises in the market outlook is relatively stable, and they are not eager to replenish the inventory, and randomly replenish the inventory according to market changes.   At present, affected by insufficient funds and other factors, small and medium textile enterprises in the region are not enthusiastic about participating in reserve cotton auctions, and the transaction rate of reserve cotton auctions is low. Small and medium textile enterprises purchase more and turn to point-price resources. Recently, the prices of main staple fiber raw materials PTA and MEG have risen to high levels in recent years, and the cost of staple fiber remains high. In addition, environmental protection restrictions have appeared in production, and the price of polyester staple fiber has risen sharply. Article keywords:  Reserve cotton yarn price
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