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Zhejiang: FangQi starts cotton yarn sales is better - 70% Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
FangQi starts recently, the zhejiang area overall by about 70%, employees return condition overall is good, the order is relatively stable, sales situation better than years ago, cotton prices held steady, individual varieties rose slightly. At present the sales of the crop progress is still slow, FangQi exist 1 - for original materials storehouse In February, combined with the national cotton reserves wheel has been open, cotton supply abundant, FangQi wait-and-see mood is thicker. FangQi combined with cotton spot and national cotton reserves ratio, more selective to purchase raw material, is expected to short-term pressure on prices. FangQi due to zhejiang area in the majority with small and medium-sized, strength is uneven, limited to the funding pressure and differentiated demand, its hard to participate in reservoir, provides services and actively seek trade enterprises through preliminary selected batches, the late provide delivery service, give play to the role of circulation enterprises. ( National cotton market test system of zhejiang office)
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