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Yining county weaving industrial park become a 'new engine' - economic development Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
On February 22 in yining county textile industry area weaving industrial park in xinjiang HuaShu textile technology co. , LTD. , factory room, the staff is underway in equipment installation. It is reported, the company 200000 pounds of high-grade spinning project currently has entered the stage of equipment installation. Yining county to seize 'area' strategic opportunity nearly two years, with the aid of location advantage, relying on xinjiang east wind, light textile industry area development home textile, silk, clothing and other special industries, and the weaving industrial park construction progress is rapid, the county will strive to weaving industrial park into a state of xinjiang's largest industry base, the biggest employment base in xinjiang and the nation's largest fabric production base, become the county 'new engine' of economic development. Yining county textile industry area is the area of two parks 'pattern, namely textile weaving industrial park and industrial park, including weaving industrial park in June last year, comprehensive park in' based on resources, the development of border trade, outstanding key, strengthen the characteristic 'as the principle, optimize the industrial structure, the transformation of the pattern of economic development. Adhere to the concept of first-class, first-class planning, first-class construction, first-class mechanism focus on pushing forward the construction of the park this year start phase 1 construction of 170000 square meters standard workshop, located enterprises reached more than 20, strive to form 2500 loom production scale, plan by 3 - 5 years of efforts, achieve weaving industrial park, more than 10 billion yuan output value of absorbing local employment more than 20000 people, in total output, park benefits and lead the state industries, jobs, etc and the weaving industrial park the principal part of the project has been completed, businesses use the winter time for staff training, equipment installation and debugging. Xinjiang HuaShu textile technology co. , LTD from shandong Texas hengfeng textile co. , LTD. , yining county state-owned assets investment management co. , LTD. Jointly set up a joint-stock co. , LTD. Company 200000 ingot high-grade spinning the project total investment 468 million yuan, can produce processing 200000 spinning production line, can form an annual output of 15905 tons of various types of yarn, an annual profit of 61. 7 million yuan, can solve the 1500 jobs. Companies for the completion of the main body of more than 50000 square meters factory building, the company overcome the cold weather, projects, local materials, can solve various problems in the process of unloading, handling, achieve the standardization, streamline. The 1 set of carding equipment safe handling to the parking space, installation and debugging work orderly. Xinjiang HuaShu textile technology co. , LTD. , director of the integrated office Zhang Guibin said: 'after the project, staff hiring more than 2000 people, 1, 1200 people, product sales mainly relying on hengfeng group marketing network all over the country, also exports to Europe, the expected time is 3 - phase 1 project put into production In April, the company's ultimate goal is to build a unique high-quality goods FangQi, construction of new fiber into the nation's largest manufacturing base. ”
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