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by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
According to silver cotton industry information center from hubei, hunan, jiangxi and other places FangQi learned that there are big gaps in the yarn sales situation, hubei larger FangQi general prosperous situation, hunan, jiangxi part FangQi represents the downstream market is weak, the overall environment is not ideal. Much larger FangQi exist two months for original materials storehouse and individual market good enterprise stock for four months, even overall sales of yarn is better than last year. And, according to a hunan FangQi 10 - plant production 16 slub yarn shipment is still not smooth, almost two months to yarn price 500 yuan/ton, cotton inventories are only ten days or so. The factory mainly their national cotton reserves received last year, this year through the way of generation of procurement, ChanMian prices in 14500 - now, procurement of the company 15000 yuan/ton. A jiangxi FangQi has three branch factories, in order to JC40s, 50 s and 60 s varieties is given priority to, including JC40s sales proportion is the largest. Also revealed is now affected by futures fell by the head of the relevant market, the downstream market is given priority to with watching, yarn price will be 200 - according to the cash flow situation By 300 yuan/ton, but the factory orders, stable, no payment days. Relevant personage says, the same type of yarn quality is good or bad, natural yarn sales differentiation will occur. , of course, also have the influence of seasonal factors, a hunan FangQi procurement director, expects from mid to late June might have better, it will pick up some winter product orders, coarse yarn sales are expected to usher in a better.
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