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by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
According to jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other places, cotton traders feedback into mid-november OE8S - later 16 s, 8 s - Pakistan 16 s siro spinning such as low a gauze inquiry, delivery fell more and more obvious; Cowboy. ltd, towel factory, low-grade bedding factory demand for C21S and the yarn count continues to decline; Some traders from September began to decrease, suspend the rotor spinning, India, Pakistan, Vietnam under 16 s cotton yarn procurement, currently on the one hand, promptly eliminate low yarn inventory; On the other hand, expand the signing 12/1/2 C21S - month shipment 40 s with high BaoPiao cotton yarn. Qingdao, Shanghai and other middlemen, said nearly half a month to bonded port, customs clearance, rotor spinning stocks edged up continuously, except C32S, 40 s BaoPiao yarn clinch a deal the poor, import yarn overall trading is not active, India, Vietnam and so on cotton yarn dollars, RMB price is relatively weak. From the investigation, although the recent domestic yarn factory price rises 300 - generally 500 yuan/ton ( The greater the number, the higher the rise space) , the upgrading of the RMB exchange rate trend is obvious, but look from traders, middlemen statistics, import yarn think & other; To play, and with it & throughout; Hope is not big, it is October/November downstream weaving, clothing, foreign trade orders situation improvement is not big, with the domestic season approaching, the terminal consumer demand for low, middle and lower cotton back; Second, the us-china trade negotiation stalemate again, our country textile clothing exports to Europe and the United States decline more and more obvious, impact of the enterprise is more and more big, the winter is coming soon. According to customs statistics, in 2019 our country textile clothing exports in October 228. 6. 8 billion dollars, fell 6. 74%, year-on-year decline in 1. 67%; Decline in the textile clothing export to the United States in particular; Three is along with the national cotton reserves a large number of inventory of cotton consumption, purchase the crop year 2019/20 gradually, imports of cotton, cotton yarn with cotton, quality, stability, improve, imports such as India, Pakistan, yarn decline in competitiveness.
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