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by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Energy from the industry as a whole marketing operation, the overall sales and order follow up is not as good as expected. This year before April 5, represented by China light textile city of sampling point procurement emotions significantly weaker than the first two year. In the first week in April sales energy recovery. National cotton market testing system survey also verify the trend: the yarn with sales of 97. 1%, despite a rebound in the first three months, but still lower than the same level in nearly three years. And 21. 5 days of yarn finished goods inventory, higher than the average 4 nearly three years. 2 days. Yarn and overall situation of purchasing and hardly bright eye. Hunan said some large enterprise production is relatively stable, the late order reduced slightly, compared to the same yarn sales slightly less than the same period last year. A yarn trader said, overall low air spinning goods than conventional yarn count is smooth, but overall the pure cotton yarn on the whole more light than the same period last year sales. The traders said previous systems and production brand yarn should be order in advance, now part of the manufacturer has no order, giant shorten order cycle. Compared with guangzhou, systems and yarn sales slightly dull. On the whole, the yarn sales situation in hunan province presents the following three characteristics: a whole marketing heat than the same period last year dropped significantly. 2 most enterprises is conditioned by the cotton along with it to buy, wait-and-see mood gradually thick; Three differentiation strategy and some special yarn count relatively have more advantages.
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